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Cariston High Act 5: Scene 2

*Fe looked everywhere for Ray. She dared not to think of the worst, that a car had accidently hit him.... luckily she found him in the back of his car, laying in the fetal position. His eyes were red from crying. tears running down his face. Fe opened the door, headed to the back, and took a seat.*

Fe: Ray... You ok?

Ray: Yeah.

Fe: You don't seem like it. Cmon babe you you can tell me

Ray: Well. I- I didn't like what Vic said...

Fe: What? The thing he said about your dad?

*Ray sighed*

Ray: Every time I tell people my dad was in a band and that he died with his band, they automatically think it was because he was drunk. But he wasn't!  My father never drank or smoke, and neither will I, because my dad had specifically told me, "Raymond! If I ever catch you drinking or smoking. You will be grounded until Judgement Day! So I've always kept my promise, and I also might add that my Nonna Said, "Raymond! The only time you may drink wine is when it's the Blood of Christ, and when you marry Felicitas at your wedding." and I will never let my father, or Nonna down, because Montages boys don't drink or smoke!

*He had said that with such enthusiasm*

*Fe had to try and stop blushing when she heard the words, "When you marry Felicitas at your wedding"*

Fe: (Hugging Ray around the waist) I love Ray and I'm happy you don't do none of that stuff.

Ray: Thanks Babe. I'm glad I don't either. Dad also said it was bad for the vocal chords.

Fe: I wish I could have met your dad, I bet he was awesome. 

Ray: Oh my gosh, my dad, he was my rock,  I remember I was only 7 years old when he taught me how to play guitar. It was all just learning the different strings, and when I was 9, I learned how to play "Dust in the Wind" and at 10 I learned how to play Carry on my Wayward Son" by Kansas. And then at age 11 he taught me all of The Suns songs in one week. Yeah, but I love my dad.... *He began to cry*

*Fe held him close, and began to lightly stroke his hair. She kissed the top of his head.*

Fe: Don't worry, I'm here. oh... and just so you know I slugged Victor Raven.

Ray: haha. You did?

*Fe smiled and nodded*

Ray: Omg! that is totally sexy!

Fe: Thanks sweetie! *she blushed*

*Ray then said he felt better, and said they should walk back, Fe agreed. They walked back to the mall and into the food court, and headed towards the table where the others were sitting. Stacy, Tiffany, Traci and Vic were gone. Which was a good thing.*

Vince: He LIVES! *jumping up from his seat when he saw that his best friend was not dead from his sorrows.*

Ray: *laughed* Vince why wouldn't I live?

Vince: Dude,  I thought you were dead! You had me worried sick!

*Ray smiled at his best friend, who was much more than his best friend, Vincent Dremari III was his brother in song, and in everything. Ray then pulled his brother for life into a joyous hug.*

*Later that day they all went to Ray's house, because the Suns had to practice for the concert.*

After having a dinner of delicious pasta made by Nonna Ada, they headed to the band room. Ray grabbed his laptop and went on the July Band Talent Show website, in order to see if they changed any one the rules.

Ray: Oh well this is interesting, it says here that if were a rock band we have to play at least one jazz song.

Vince: Great... We can't play Jazz.

*Ray got off the couch. He began rubbing the back of his neck.*

Ray: Well I guess I better tell you guys.

Fe: Tell us what sweetie?

Ray: Well... I play the saxophone.

Vince: What. No you don't!

Ray: Yes, I do

*He then took out a black case, and pulled out a golden saxophone.*

Vince: *arms crossed* Can you play it?

*Ray didn't say anything. He just put the mouth piece to his gorgeous lips, and began playing the sexiest, jazziest saxophone solo piece ever.*

Vince: *whispering* Ah shit... he does know how to play.

*Everyone nodded. Fe suddenly became entranced by the instruments sultry sound, and the way her boyfriend was absolute beauty.*

*When Ray finished. Everyone was so entranced that no one said anything.*

*Then Fe got up, took the saxophone out of Ray's hands and gently set it on the couch... Then she planted a passionate kiss on Ray's lips. The others left to give them some time alone.*


Cariston High Act 5: Scene 1

Fe, Anais, Parker, and Sutton headed over to Ray's house. They said hello to Reyna-Jean. Then went down to the "Band Room."

*When they walked in. Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston were sleeping on the two couches, and the floor.*

Fe: Aw! How precious! Our boyfriends had a sleepover just like us.

*Anais, Parker, and Sutton laughed.*

*Fe went over to Ray. She tapped him on the shoulder.*

Fe: Ray wake up. Ray, Ray!

*He shooed her hand off his shoulder.*

Fe: Oh dear lord... RAYMOND!!!!

*Ray woke up*

Ray: I'm up, I'm up!

*He looked up at Fe*

Ray: Hey Babe!

Fe: Hey yourself.

Ray: (He looked and saw that Anais, Parker, and Sutton were also there. They were each trying to wake up their boyfriends.) What are you guys doing here???

Fe: We wanted to see how you were doing!... and we see that you guys had your own little sleepover.

Ray: Oh yeah, we thought that was pretty funny. We had just finished rehearsing, and I guess we all got tired. So the guys called their moms, and they slept over.

Fe: Well that's nice!

Ray: Yeah. and my cousin is here.

Fe: (confused) Your cousin?

Ray: Yeah! My cousin from Capri, Italy. Solomon Babilani 

*Fe looked as Ray gestured to a dark hair boy lying on the pull out mattress on the floor.*

Fe: Oh.... holy crap! that's Solomon! 

Ray: Yes, I know he's gotten big hasn't he.

Fe: Man I haven't seen that kid for a while!

Ray: I can wake him up.

Fe: (shrugging her shoulders) Go ahead.

*Ray went over to Solomon.*

Ray: Solomon wake up!

*Solomon slowly got up.*

Ray: Sol, you remember my girlfriend, Fe

Solomon: Oh of course! Ciao!

Fe: Ciao! How have you been Sol?

Solomon: Good, Good. How bout you? 

Fe: I'm good! So did you come here by yourself?

Solomon: No, I came with my mom and Nonna Ada

Fe: Omg! Nonna Ada! I love that woman!

Solomon: Yeah. She and my mom should be getting back from the store.

*They heard the front door open.*

Solomon: That's them. 

*Fe, Ray, and Solomon ran upstairs.*

Solomon: Ciao Mamma! 

Ray:  Ciao zia Pietra!

*Fe's eyes got big. She couldn't believe her boyfriend was speaking Italian.*

Fe: Ciao signora Babilani!

Aunt Pietra: Ciao my lovelies! you guys are doing well on your Italian.

Pietra Babilani was the wife of Ray Montages II younger brother, Fabian Montages, who had moved to Capri Italy a month before his brother Ray died. He met Pietra while in Capri. He was on the beach when he met her. She was drop dead gorgeous. Dark coal black hair, dark olive skin, and hazel eyes.

*Nonna Ada was standing next to her holding to bags of groceries*

*Fe's face brighten up when she saw the adorable, elderly Italian woman.* 

Fe: Nonna Ada! Let me help you with that. 

*She grabbed the bags from Nonna Ada's arms.*

Nonna Ada: Oh.... Bella! 

*She cupped Fe's face in her hands*

*Ray stepped forward. He had his "Hi Nonna! It's your grandson!" face. Which looked a lot like the puppy dog face.*

Ray: Ciao Nonna. It's me, Ray, the grandson who loves you so much!

Nonna Ada: Oh. of course! how can i forget my Raymond!

*She began kissing Ray's cheeks.*

Ray: Nonna... not in front of my girlfriend!

*Fe giggled*

Nonna Ada: See.... Felicitas thinks its adorabile!

*She began pinching Ray's cheeks*

Ray: Nonna. (gently pulling her hands off his cheek) I'm not a little kid anymore.

*Nonna Ada sighed*

Nonna Ada: I know bello! you're becoming a handsome young man.

*Ray smiled and gave his Nonna a big hug*


Later that day Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, Preston, and Solomon were hanging out at the Cariston Mall, hanging in the food court. 

*Solomon was showing pictures of him, his mom, and Nonna Ada back in Capri, Italy*

Fe: Wow Sol! you're home is beautiful.

Solomon: Grazie 

*They continued looking through the photos when Ray saw something.*

Ray: Sol stop! 

*Sol stopped at a pic of him with him with an extremely gorgeous girl*

Ray: OK cos spill! whose the girl?

Solomon: OK. I'll tell you... she's my girlfriend.

Fe: Awww! She's Beautiful!

Ray: What's her name?

Solomon: Julietta Cappelletti

Fe: Pretty! 

*Anais, Parker, and Sutton looked over Fe's shoulders at the pic*

Anais: She's pretty

Parker: Agree

Sutton: She's very gorgeous!

*They continued looking at the pics*

*"Hey guys!"* a familiar voice said.

*Fe, Ray and the others looked up.*

It was Stacey Kristine. Only thing different was she had on a pink bow neck t-shirt, black floor length skirt, neon pink austique sandals, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in candy pink.

*Tiffany and Traci were standing by her.*

Tiffany had on a  Red Spring Silk shirt,  Black Mid-Rise skinny jeans, red patent-leather ballet flats, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in red with mini hearts on it.

Traci was wearing a purple top with open shoulder sleeve, royal blue flared bell bottom jeans, purple ballet flat, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in Navy blue with polka dots on it.

Fe: Um... Hi Stacey.... Tiffany, Traci

*"HI" They all said in unison*

Anais: Those are cute headbands you guys got on. (took a sip of her Coke)

Stacey: Thanks. We got them at Kohls

Parker: Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute... I thought you guys didn't like Kohls?

Stacey: Well ever since are moms band us from going to Victoria's Secret, We shop at Kohls and JcPenney's now.

Fe: That's cool!... You look really cute!

Stacey: Thanks!

Parker: So Stacey are you still... you know kissing Ben Travis?......

Stacey: Oh. No, he's with Sloane Farrow. Besides I have a new boyfriend.

Fe: Oh really? who you dating?

Stacey: Victor Raven.

Ray: Victor Raven? Does he go to Cariston?

Stacey: Yes. He's the captain of the lacrosse team.

Anais: Wait, is he that really good-looking guy with the really pretty blue eyes?

Stacey: Yep!

Vince: Hey Anais. What were you saying about his eyes?

Anais: They can't compare with yours Vince.

*Vince smiled*

"Hey Babe here's your salad." said Victor Raven coming up behind her."

Stacey: Thanks Vic. (she said flirtatiously) 

*He passionately kissed her on the cheek*

Stacey: (after Victor had taken his seat next to her) Victor you remember Raymond Montages III right?

Vic: Of course! dudes the most popular guy at Cariston High!... Being in that band and everything.

Ray: wow thanks... Vic. I think your pretty cool too (he said it half-heartily or he was lying, because truthfully Ray didn't know Victor Raven very well.

*Well Ray decided to just be honest.*

Ray: Um Victor, I'm sorry, but the truth is I don't know you that well, so I don't know how  "cool" you are.

*Victor smirked at Ray's response.*

Victor: Well of course you wouldn't... I'm only cool because I'm the captain of the lacrosse team. Your the most popular guy because you can play guitar, and have an amazing voice. 

*Ray shrugged*

Victor: And you have that stupid band. What is it called The Suns?

Ray: (getting angry) Yes. my band's called The Suns

Victor: Now wasn't it originally your dad's band?

Ray: Yes (he growled thru clenched teeth)

Victor: Yeah, didn't he die?

*Ray slowly nodded his head.*

Victor: Psh. and figures since he was like a rock star and was probably drunk all the time. (He began laughing) Poor guy died from an overdose probably!


*Ray said that so loud, that everyone in the mall heard, and all eyes were looking at Raymond.*

*Ray began bursting into tears. He ran out of the mall.*

*Everyone else went back to what they were doing.*

*Vic laughed*

Victor: I seriously can't understand how he's the most popular guy at Cariston. He's such a wimp... He...

*SMACK!!!!* Fe slapped Victor right across the face.*


Victor: *snickering* I don....

Fe: *slaps him again* Keep your damn comments to yourself!!!

*and with that Fe ran out of the mall to go find Ray.* 




Cariston High Act 4: Scene 3

Meanwhile, over at Ray's house, Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston were down in the Band Room, practicing "Sun Bandit" and "Sun's Rays".

*They just finished practicing "Sun Bandit."*

Ray: Alright guys! Now let's start on "Sun's Rays"

Vince: (groaning) Ray.... can we take a break, please!

*Ray rolled his eyes. He unplugged his guitar out of its amp.*

Ray: Sure...

*The guys flopped down on the couches.*

*It began to get hot, so they took off their shirts.*

Reyna-Jean: (from upstairs) Raymond! 

Ray: Yeah mom?

Reyna-Jean: Your cousin, Solomon is here!

Ray: Send him down.

*In just 3 seconds, Ray's cousin, Solomon Babilani was standing in the middle of the room*

Solomon: Ciao cos!

Ray: Hey Solomon

*Solomon was Ray's fourteen year old cousin from Capri, Italy. He lived with his mom, dad, and Nonna Ada in a beautiful mansion near the Capri beaches. He came every Summer with his mom and Nonna Ada. He had dark brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and leather jacket.*

Ray: Damn cos! you've grown!

Solomon: (slight smirk on his face) So that means I can take you down Montages?

*Ray smirked. Then he put his cousin in a head-lock*

Ray: So Babilani, what were you saying about taking me down?

Solomon: (pulling out of the head-lock) OK, OK. So I still can't take you down....

Ray: That's right!

*The room was silent for a moment.*

Ray: Solomon, you remember my friends, Vince, Heath and Preston

Solomon: Of course! Hey guys!

Vince: Hey Solomon

Heath: Sup

Preston: Hey

*Ray and Solomon sat next to Vince*

Solomon: (fanning himself) Damn its hot down here!

Ray: Then take off your jacket and shirt.

*Solomon smirked. He stood up and took off his leather jacket, and white shirt*

*He tossed them on the coffee table next to them. He sat back down again*

*He looked over at Ray. His attention came to the sparkly diamond ring.*

Solomon: Hey cos, what's with the ring? You get drunk and propose to a hot babe at a party?

Ray: NO! dumbass!.... (he took a deep breath regaining his cool. He did not want  to kill his cousin today) OK let me explain... This is a Promise Ring! My girlfriend Fe has one too. You do remember my girlfriend Fe right?

Solomon: Yeah! Wait your still dating her?

Ray: Yeah... what you got a problem with that?

Solomon: (smirking) No! why would I? Fe's hot!

*Ray's body shivered. He didn't like the idea of some other guy calling his girlfriend hot, even if the other guy was his own blood.*

*Ray took a deep breath*

Ray: Sol, can you please not call my girlfriend hot.

Solomon: OK... 

Ray: Besides, Fe's not hot.... She's Beautiful!

*Solomon smirked and shrugged*

Heath: Hey! I wonder how the girls are doing?

Ray: Probably having more fun then we are!

*The guys nodded*

Ray: OK! break over! guys we need to get back to practicing.

*Vince, Heath, and Preston groaned and stood up.*

*The guys began playing, and didn't even manage to put their shirts back on.*

*Solomon didn't ask why they were practicing. He just listened.*

*They finished "The Sun's Rays"*

Solomon: Damn cos! U sound killer!

Ray: Thanks Sol.

*Ray called it a day. Vince, Heath, and Preston decided to just stay over. They each called their moms.*

Ray: So you guys staying over?

*Vince, Heath and Preston nodded*

Ray: (laughed) Well then, I guess were gonna have are own sleepover....

*The guys burst out laughing.*

Ray: I can't wait to tell Fe about this!

*The guys continued laughing*

Cariston High Act 4: Scene 2

I was June 4th, and Fe, Ray, Anais,and Vince were having coffee at the Cariston Coffee Palace. Heath, Parker, Sutton and Preston couldn't make it for some reason. But the four were able to still have fun. And there was one thing Anais and Vince wanted to know about....

Anais: So how was your guys' anniversary??? (She had a cute smile on her face)

Fe: (Smiling and holding up her left hand showing off the promise ring) You tell me.

Anais:(gasping) Is that a...

Fe: Yep! Promise ring.

Vince: Ah Damn! and I was I gonna make a move (He looked at Ray)

*Ray had this awkward look on his face.*

*Anais and Fe rolled their eyes and giggled*

Vince: So a Promise Ring huh?

*Fe and Ray nodded.*

Vince: Well... That's great! Anais and I are so happy for you guys. 

*He had a slight smirk on his face.*

Ray: Something wrong Vincent?

Vince: (Wiping the smirk off his face) No. Nothing's  wrong.

*Vince decided to change the subject*

Vince: So Ray, are we gonna practice tonight?

*Ray nodded*

Ray: Yep. Come over to my house around 7!

Vince: OK. 

*They each looked at their girlfriends*

Ray: You guys can come too. 

Fe: It's alright. Anais, Parker, Sutton and I have plans tonight.

Ray: Oh... What are you girls up too?

Fe: Slumber Party.

*Ray and Vince turned to each other and smiled.*

Fe: * Totally  reading their expressions* I know what you guys are thinking... That's not what goes on.

Ray: I Know. Vince and I were just.... Thinking. Right Vince?

Vince: (Coming back to reality) What?... Oh yeah,  right!

*Fe and Anais rolled their eyes and giggled.* 

*They all continued talking and drinking their coffee.*


Later that day. Anais, Parker and Sutton were all over at Fe's house. They were in the living room watching another video clip of The Suns Concert. Mrs. Rose was in the kitchen making appetizers for them. 

Anais: Hey Fe, did you show Parker and Sutton the ring?

*Fe shook her head*

Parker: What ring?

Sutton: Let me see, let me see!

*Fe held out her left hand showing off her ring!

Sutton: OMYGAWD!!!! It's Gorgeous!!!

Parker: (glaring at the diamond heart on the ring) Wow, who gave it to you?

Fe: Raymond, who else?

*Parker smiled and rolled her eyes*

*Mrs. Rose came in with a plate full of spinach tapas, empanadas, and mini burritos.*

*She smiled when she took a glance at the ring.*

Felina: Ah. My beautiful daughter.... I'm so glad your dating Raymond. And that ring looks absolutely hermosa on you Felicitas!

Fe: Gracias mama!

*Mrs. Rose smiled her wide smile at Fe. Then she salsa back in the kitchen.*

Anais: (laughing) I love your mom!

Parker: Yeah Fe, your mom is the best!

Sutton: (Scarfing down one of the empanadas) and Fe!.... Your mom is an ah-mazing cook!

*She swallowed the empanada and picked up another one.*

Sutton: OK! these are the best empanadas EVER!!!! 

*The girls laughed as Sutton gobbled down 5 empanadas.*

Parker: Jeez Sutton! Save some for us! 

*She picked up an empanada, Fe and Anais did the same.*

*They agreed that the empanadas were delicious. And so were the spinach tapas, and mini burritos.*

* Fe glanced at the TV. Her eyes sparked up*

Fe: OOH! Anais! Ray and Vince are singing Baby Tell Me!

Anais: AWWWH! Turn it up!

*The two girls began going crazy.*

*They went even crazier when Ray and Vince unbuttoned their shirts*

Fe: (fanning herself) Ray is so Hawt!!!!

Anais: (also fanning herself) And Vince is looking sexy with that bass!

Fe: Speaking of which I wonder how they're doing with those songs?



Cariston High Act 4: Scene 1

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were all at Ray's house down in the Band Room practicing for 

"The Summer blast All Boy Concert Talent Show" They were practicing all their hit songs. They had to choose 2 to perform

Ray: So guys what 2 songs are we going to perform?

Vince: OK. what songs did we perform last year?

Ray: We performed "Perfect Life" and "Baby Tell Me." 

Vince: Ah. Yes "Baby Tell Me." Was our real key to success 

Ray: Haha, yes it was... But we have to do something different.

Heath: We can do "Sun Rays" and another song.

Ray: Yeah! We could do "Sun Rays" but what other song are we gonna do?

Vince: Well we can do a song that we haven't done. Oh. I don't think we ever done "Sun Bandit."

Ray: Yeah! So we'll do "Sun Rays" and "Sun Bandit." 

Vince; OK. well let's start practicing Suns!

*The boys began practicing. They practiced for an hour. Fe and the other girls had to leave.*

Fe: Ray I'm going to call you when I get home. Don't go to bed late. K babe.

Ray: K babe. (He set his guitar down.)

Ray: Fe wait! Let me drive ya home.

Fe: OK. But don't you want to practice.

Ray: Nah. The Talent Show isn't til July.... I wanna spend time with MY girl!

Fe: (eyes sparkling) OH Raymond.

*They got in Ray's car, and drove to Fe's house.*

*They said Hi to Fe's mom. Then they went down to the basement.*

Fe: So why'd you want to come over?

Ray: OK. So our anniversary is tomorrow. right?

Fe: Right! June 3. It was the first day we started dating.

Ray: and we've been dating for 3 years. right?

Fe: Yeah. You wanting to tell me something Raymond?

Ray: Well I love you so much, that... You'll have to wait til tomorrow.

Fe: OK. Now come over here.

*Ray moved over to the couch. He grabbed Fe and pulled her onto his lap. His lap was very happy to see her. It only take them 2 seconds to start making out. and it was a steamy one if you ask.*

*Ray left an hour later. Fe stayed in the basement until midnight, then she finally went to bed.*

*She dreamed what Ray was going to give her for her anniversary.* 


Fe got up that morning. It was just going to be just her and Ray. They were going on a walk in a the park. Then they were gonna go to their favorite fancy restaurant.

*They had just finished their dinner and were back in the park

Fe: This is so much fun Ray.

Ray: Thanks babe!.... I love you.

Fe: (blushing) I love you too!... So what did you want to give me?

*Ray with out hesitation took out a small black velvet box. He opened it before Fe could say anything.*

inside was a silver ring with a diamond shaped like a heart. Ray took it out of its case.

Fe: Raymond.... is that a...?

Ray: Yes. Babe. This is a promise ring.... I know this might be sudden, but someday I want to marry you.

*Fe looked at the ring as Ray put it on her left ring finger. She then looked over at Ray's hand, he had on a ring just as similar. And Fe had to say that Ray looked extra sexy with that ring on his left ring finger.*

*Fe looked at the ring and sighed*

Fe: Raymond.... It's beautiful!

*Ray smiled.*

Ray: So do you accept the offer. That one day will get married. And that we'll be together forever, because I love you Felicitas Selena Rose. I would never leave you. I know we our great together. And I'm really ready for this type of commitment, and I hope you are too.

*Fe said nothing for a while. And without warning him, she began kissing him passionately. He began kissing her back. Ray knew that this was a definite YES!*

*They continued kissing passionately. But some boys from Dayton Academy started whistling at them. Ray gave them a cold look. The boys stopped laughing and walked away.*

*Ray rolled his eyes and turned to Fe.*

Ray: Come on babe let's go to the meadow.

Fe: OK.

*Without hesitation Ray picked up Fe. holding her close in his arms. Fe wrapped her arms around Ray's neck.*


*Ray carried her to a nearby meadow. It was their secret place. The sun glowed bright on millions of gorgeous flowers.*

*Ray set her down gently among some lilacs. He sat down next to her watching her lie beautifully amongst the flowers. He grabbed some of the lilacs, and started twisting them forming a crown perfect for his girlfriend's head.*

*He showed her it as she sat up and smiled delightfully. He set the crown on her head.*

Ray: Amongst all these flowers... You're the most beautiful Rose ever.

*Fe giggled hearing him use her last name.*

*Fe looked down at her shoes. And without hesitation she took them off, bearing her beautiful feet.*

*She lie down again. Ray smiled at the sight. He didn't hesitate to lie down right next to her.

*Ray brushed his hand gently across her face. He kissed her gently then began singing their lullaby, "Angel of my Rays."

Ray: (Singing) Sun rays glow on her face, Oh so, beautifully... I feel like I might be on Cloud 9. Ooh, stay with me Angel, I'll kiss you hold you, Love you.... Stay with me Angel... of my Rays. I can stop looking at your face, your the most beautiful thing I see.... Every site I see is you. I swear I'm looking at an Angel that come from the sun...

*Fe joined in.*

Fe: (Singing) And I'll be Your Angel, forever... Hold me tight, kiss me well, I need you next to me... because this Angel of Roses, needs some Sun Rays....

Ray: (singing) oh baby....

Together singing: And We'll always be together, now and forever, love in perfect harmony. Singing sweet Melodies of the Angel and her Rays. And I could never imagine being with someone else, but you....

*Fe stopped singing. But Ray continued.*

Ray: (singing) Stay with me Angle, I'll kiss you, hold you, Love you... Stay with me Angel.... of my Rays...

*He finished. He immediately grabbed Fe's face and pulled her in for a kiss.*

*They kissed passionately for an hour. Then Ray began chasing Fe through the meadow.*

*He lifted her up and spun her around.*

*Fe felt like she was flying.*

*They kissed passionately. They stayed there to watch the stars. and dance a little (no music but Ray sang) and they kissed some more. It wasn't a make out session, no the meadow was Sacred Fe and Ray Romantic Love Ground. The kissing had to remain passionate and romantic.*

Ray: I...

Fe:  Love...

Together: You

Together:(singing) I Love You.

*They kissed again.*



Cariston High Act 3: Scene 3

Weeks had gone by, and school was ending for Summer Vacation. Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston couldn't be anymore excited. The gang was eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Ray: Guys we have only 2 weeks of school left, and then we our off for the Summer!

*The gang cheered. And for some reason the rest of the school did.*

Well it was Ray. He was actually quite the motivational speaker.

Vince: The Great Ray Montages III has Spoken!!!!

*Ray rolled his eyes.*

Fe: I'm so excited. Spending time with you guys.... having a romantic anniversary date with Ray.

*She winked at him. He grabbed her waist, and pulled her onto his lap. They began kissing. *

* People started cheering and whistling, and taking pictures with their cameras, and ipods. It seems Fe and Ray were Cariston's "Hottest Couple."

*Ray and Fe pulled away  from their kiss.*

Vince: Damn! You two can kiss for a really long time! How long was that like 20 minutes?

Ray: Oh please. Fe and I can make out for an hour!

Vince: (His eyes grew big)... An Hour? Do you guys ever come up for air?

Fe: We both take a breath every second

*She grabbed Ray's face and pulled him in for another kiss.*

*After they kissed for like an hour, they went back to eating their lunch.*


School got out on a Thursday. Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were hanging out at the Cariston City Beach. It was their favorite "Start of the Summer" spot. Fe and Ray were strolling, holding hands on the beach, and collecting seashells. They walked back over to where Anais and Vince were building a sand castle.

Fe: (Sitting down) I'm so excited school's over.

*Ray, Vince, and Anais nodded their heads in agreement.*

*Parker and Heath walked over holding hands.*

Parker: (sitting down) Hey guys!

Fe: Hey Parks!

Parker: Guys I saw Stacey Kristine...

Anais: Let me guess... She's wearing a provacative bikini!

*Everyone laughed.*

Parker: No. She has the most modest swimsuit ever.

*Fe got up and took Parker's binoculars, she looked over to where Stacey Kristine was standing. Fe nearly fell over laughing. She handed the binoculars to Ray, who said "Who her mom must of heard what happened."*

Parker: And guys guess what... I heard that her mom won't let her go to Victoria's Secret anymore. In fact her mother talked to the manager, so now she can't go in there.

Anais: So where does she have to buy her clothes?

Parker: (Nearly choking with laughter) G-Goodwill, and Walmart!

*Everyone burst out in laughter.*

Fe: What about Tiffany, Traci, and Tasha?

Parker: Tiffany's mom won't let her spend time with Stacey anymore, and she has to wear whatever her mom tells her. Traci's mom made her sign a contract saying that Her mom will choose what she wears, and where she goes and who she hangs out with... And Tasha... Oh this is the best! Tasha was sent to an all-girls boarding school in Romania, and her mom made her take down all of her pics on facebook.

Sutton: Wow I cannot imagine Tasha "Swag Bitch" Trenton in an all-girls boarding school.

Parker: Did I mention that it's run by nuns.

Sutton:....Wow. Well she won't be taking any skanky pics now will she?

*Everyone nodded in agreement.*

Ray: OK! New Subject! I cannot wait for "The Summerblast All Boy Concert Talent Show" this year "The Suns" are going win again.

Vince: That's because there's no 16 year old guys who can sing like us, and by us... I mean You, Ray.

*Ray smiled*

Ray: Thanks buddy! (patting Vince on the back) You have a good voice too!

Vince: And no one can play the guitar like Ray

Ray: No one can play the bass like Vince

*They both began laughing*

Ray: And No one has the moves like Vincent!

Vince: Well, No one has the moves like Raymond!

*Everyone began laughing. Oh it was the perfect way to begin Summer Vacation.*




Cariston High Act 3: Scene 2

It was Saturday afternoon. Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton and Preston were all at Ray's house practicing the new song. The dance was tonight, and this was the only way Fe and the girls could keep an eye on their boyfriends.

*Fe layed out the plan.*

Fe: OK so this is how it's going to work out. I'll be singing with Ray, Anais will be dancing gracefully by Vince, Parker you stand behind Heath, and Sutton stand by Preston.

Vince: And what are us guys going to do?

Ray: Same as usual. Just play as The Suns always have.

Fe: Hey Ray are you playing your guitar?

Ray: (nodded) Yep, but it'll be more of a mellow sound.

Fe: OK.

*The gang practiced the song. It was perfect.*


It was evening now, and Fe was getting ready for the dance. She had on a white lace dress, suede high heeled sandals, and she had on her white rose crown. 

*She was curling her hair, when she heard a knock on the door.*

*Her mother walked in.*

Felina: Felicitas, Raymond is here.

Fe: OK uno momento por favor.

*Mrs. Rose smiled and closed the door.*

*Fe quickly, and carefully applied her makeup.*

*Then she headed downstairs.*

*Ray was standing in the living room. He had on black pants, black belt, and white button up shirt. Gawsh he was GORGEOUS!*

*He smiled when he saw her.*

Ray: Hey Beautiful!

*He grabbed Fe's hand and spun her around.*

Fe: Thanks babe!

Ray: Well lets go my lady!

*Mrs. Rose ran in the room carrying a camera.*

Felina: Wait! I wanna get a picture!

Fe: Mama! No! Por favor, you take to many pictures of Ray and I!

Felina: But I need more pics for my collage!

Fe: No, why did you have to mention the collage?? (She had her hands in her face)

Ray: (now curious) What collage??

Fe: (whispering) It's a bunch of pictures of you and I.

Felina: Do you want to see, Ray?

Ray: Sure!

Fe: Aye No....

*They walked into the hallway. A large board was hanging in the middle of the wall. The board was covered with pictures of Fe and Ray.*

Fe: Aye Mama why'd u have to show Ray this???

Ray: I like it. 

Fe: (surprised) You do??

Ray: Yeah! Hey what's the big space in the middle for?

Felina: (Smiling) Oh just for a special occasion. 

*She lashed out her camera.*

Felina: OK now squeeze in tight, and smile!

*Ray grabbed Fe by the waist and pulled her close.*

*Mrs. Rose took about 20 pics, Fe and Ray's faces were starting to hurt, at least one of the pictures was of them kissing, so it wasn't so bad.*

Fe: OK mama we have to go.

Felina: OK. Have fun!

Fe: Gracias mama!

Ray: Thanks Mrs. Rose

*Fe and Ray walked out the door, and headed to Ray's car, which was a Black Mustang.*

*Fe stepped into the front passenger seat as Ray stepped into the drivers seat.* 

Ray: Ready Babe?

Fe: Ready as you are! (She gave him a wink)

*Ray started the car. Then they headed off.*

The School's Parking lot was packed.

*Ray saw Vince waving his phone in the air, Anais was standing by him. So he went to go park his car by Vince's.*

*The 4 waited for Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston.*

*Finally they were all there.*

Everyone looked great. Anais had on her white lyrical dancing dress, and had a white ribbon in her hair, Vince had on the same thing Ray had on, except his shirt was gray. Parker had on a cherry red dress, and had a red flower clip in her hair, Heath had on a black shirt and jeans, and black converse. Sutton had on black swing crop top, and white shorts, and purple gladiator sandals, and Preston had on a gray shirt similar to Heath's, and black jeans, and gray converse. They were a good looking bunch!

*The walked through Cariston's gym doors.*

The gym looked awesome. Nothing special, it was just a regular dance. Cariston's Dance committee saved the big and extravagant stuff for Homecoming, and Prom, which was held at the Cariston Stone Country Club. 

*Bibiana Cabani was standing by the snack table. She smiled when she saw Fe, Ray and the others.*

Bibiana: Ehi guys!

Ray: Ehi Bibiana!

Bibiana Cabani was a foreign exchange student from Italy. She was currently a senior, and was apart of the dance committee.

Fe: Ehi Bibiana!

Bibiana: Ehi Fe, Sei belissima!

Fe: Thanks!

*Bibiana turned to Ray.*

Bibiana: So Ray? You and The Suns gonna rock this dance tonight?

Ray: You can count on us!

*Someone came behind Bibiana.*

Nanette Roux: Bonjour!

Bibiana: Hello Nanette.

*Nanette smiled.*

Nanette was a foreign exchange student from Paris. She was a senior, and good friends with Bibiana. She also was on the dance committee.

Ray: Hey Nanette!

Nanette: Bonjour Raymond!

Fe: Hi Nanette!

Nanette: Bonjour Fe!

*Someone else walked up to them.*

Anastasiya Dubinin: Privet!

Bibiana: Hello Anastasiya!

*Anastasiya smiled.*

Anastasiya Dubinin was a foreign exchange student  from Russia. She was great friends with Bibiana and Nanette. She was a senior and was also on the dance committee. 

Fe: Hi Anastasiya!

Anastasiya: Hello Fe!

*The gang continue to talk to Bibi, Nanette, and Ana, when something caught Fe's eye.*

Fe: Hey guys look, its Stacey.

*Stacey had on a mini light pink dress which had a zipper on the front. She also had on her platform heels. Tiffany had on the same thing only in red, so did Traci, hers was in purple, and Tasha's was in teal.*

Ray: There's no way she's taking me to the backroom.

Fe: Don't worry I'll keep an eye on her.

*The gang finished talking to Bibiana, Anastasiya, and Nanette. They started walking around. No one was dancing since The Suns haven't set up yet. Then they bumped into their Principal, Mrs. Juliet Sparkrens.*

Sparkrens: Oh Raymond, I'm so glad you made it, for a while I thought we were going to have no music.

Ray: Don't worry Mrs. Sparkrens we have it all covered!

*Sparkrens smiled. Then she led them to the back of the stage.*

*The Suns instruments were already on stage, since Vince's Uncle Richard  was kind enough to drop them off.*

Sparkrens: So I'll just let you guys take it from here!

*Mrs. Sparkrens stepped onto the stage, and introduced The Suns.*

*The Suns played all their songs. Yes, including "Baby Tell Me."*

*They also played "Rays of Sun." and Ray told everyone it was inspired to him by the poem "The Sun's Rays." He gave a shout out to Mr. Brixtren, who smiled when Ray had said that.*

*And Finally they performed, "Beautiful Sun." everybody loved Fe and Ray singing together, and thought Anais' dance to Vince's bass solo was jaw-dropping.*

*After that The Suns, and their girls walked off the stage.*

*Mrs. Sparkrens signaled for one of the teachers to turn the stereo on, everyone in the gym started dancing as "Forget You" by Cee-Lo Green started playing.*

*Ray, Fe, and the others walked backstage. and guess who were there...

*Stacey, Tiffany, Traci and Tasha were standing by the stage ropes.*

Ray: (getting nervous) Stacey... what are you doing back here?

Stacey: (began walking up to him, getting really close) Hey Raymond.

*Ray stepped back when he felt her hand touch his stomach.*

*Tiffany, Traci, and Tasha started doing the same thing with Vince, Heath, and Preston. Who were all trying to back away.*

*Fe, Anais, Parker, and Sutton started giving each other confuse looks. Confused looks that said "Oh my gosh, are they going to do their plan in here right in front of us?"*

Stacey: You know, Ray, I was gonna take you to the backroom... But what better place to do this then in front of your girlfriend!

*Stacey pulled out a scarf out of her bra. She tied Ray's hands behind his back. Tiffany, Traci, and Tasha began doing the same with Vince, Heath, and Preston.*

*Stacey, and Tiffany began unbuttoning Ray and Vince's shirts, while Traci and Tasha began lifting Heath and Preston's shirts off their bodies.*

*Each of them began unzipping their dresses. They began touching the guy's abs. Fe, Anais, Parker, and Sutton began shouting, saying, "Get OFF MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!! That's when Mrs. Sparkrens walked in.*

Sparkrens: I just came to check on you guys, and..... What is going on here???!

*Stacey gasped, and quickly zipped up her dress, so did Tiffany, Traci and Tasha... But it was too late.*

*When Sparkrens asked what had happened, it was Tiffany who spilled the details, and she just kept telling them, no matter how many times Stacey said, "SHUT UP TIFFANY!" So, right then and there, Stacey Kristine, Tiffany Paris, Traci-Anne McConnell, and Tasha Trenton were taken to Sparkren's office, and were expelled immediately from Cariston High for inappropriate behavior.*

*Once that was over, Fe, Anais, Parker, and Sutton untied Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston. Then they went to join the rest of their school on the dance floor.*

*When they got there a slow song began to play.*

*Ray grabbed Fe, and pulled her in close. They began to dance.*

*As they were dancing they saw Ben Travis standing alone, they began dancing over to him.*

Ray: Hey Ben!

Ben: Sup Montages!

Fe: Why aren't you dancing?

Ben: Well because I thought Stacey was my date, and was going to dance with me, but I guess she doesn't want nothing to do with me.... and then there's the fact that she did get expelled.

Ray: Well then. Your done! No more Stacey!

*Ben gave a half smile.*

Fe: Hey Ben. Why don't you ask Sloane to dance?

Ben: (starting to get nervous) Uh.. you mean Sloane Farrow?

*Fe and Ray both nodded their heads.*

Ben: Um OK. 

*Fe and Ray watched as Ben Travis asked Sloane Farrow, the girl he always had a crush on to finally dance with him. The same thing happened between Terrence Princeton, and Salome Ericsson. And James Cricket, and Rowan Pennington, and Peter Harris, and Ralphina Timmons began dancing together.*

*Fe and Ray continued dancing.*

*The slow song "Your Song."  by Elton John.*

Fe: I'm glad Stacey is gone *she told Ray as they danced.*

Ray: Yeah. we don't have to worry about her anymore.

*They smiled at each other.*

*Suddenly the music stopped. Everyone started to groan, complaining that the dance could not be over! Come to find out the dance committee wanted Ray to sing...

Ray: Sorry I'm dancing with my girl.

Fe: (looked at him) You can still sing... while dancing with me.

Ray: OK.

*Bibiana handed him the microphone, but he shooed it away. He said that his voice was loud enough without the microphone.*

*Ray began singing "My Beautiful Girl (Fe's Lullaby). Fe rested her head on his chest as he sang and ran his fingers through her hair as he sang. They continued to dance and Ray continued to sing. The night could have never been better. Fe and Ray kissed passionately.*


Cariston High Act 3: Scene 1

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were hanging out at the Cariston City Mall. The mall was packed full of teenagers, no duh. The gang was eating in the food court.

*Fe and Ray were sharing a bag of French fries. Anais and Vince were doing the same.*

Anais: Hey Fe. What did you and Ray do last night? you know after everyone left.

Fe: We took a walk in the park. It was so romantic.

*Ray smiled and nodded his head.*

Vince: (laughing) Let me guess... you're  walking, then you Make Out, then you sit on the bench, Make Out some more, then you see two pretty swans make a heart, say they're in love just like you, and then as always you Make Out some more.

Ray: Dude, why are you emphasizing the words make out?

Vince: That's because everything is more fun with some lip locking!

*Ray rolled his eyes, and threw his napkin at Vince's head.*

*Fe took a bite of another french fry. Then she looked over on the otherside.*

Fe: hahaha. guys look. Stacey Kristine, as always, going into Victoria's Secret.

Anais: Bahaha. are her wannabees with her?

*Fe looked for Tiffany, Traci, and Tasha*

Fe: Yep!

Ray: Is she buying more yoga shorts?

Fe: haha yep... wait no she's not!

*Sutton jumped up and looked.*

Sutton: Holy crabcakes! She's buying lingerie???!!!

Ray: Well she can't wear that to school.

Vince: What's Tiffany doing?

*Anais looked up*

Anais: buying the same thing.

Fe: Yep and so is Traci and Tasha.

Ray: Fe, Anais, Parker, Sutton. We need you girls to go over there and see what they're up to.

Fe: Ok. come on girls.

*The girls walked to the otherside, and into Victoria's Secret.*

Fe: Ok. I saw them... oh they went that way.

*They followed behind Stacey and her wannabees. Then they stopped, Stacey and the others had gone into the changing rooms.*

Fe: OK. They're gonna come out eventually. There's no mirrors in those changing rooms, you have to come outside to see how you look. That's the whole reason the changing rooms are back here.

*Suddenly one of the doors open and out stepped Tasha.*

Sutton: (whispering) Oh my gosh, her boobs look huge.

*Tasha had on a teal silk lingerie dress. She began to look at herself, then she pulled up a drawstring on the bra area, it must have been wanna of those wonderbras, because her boobs looked bigger that before.*

*The next to come out was Traci. Hers was not as bad as Tasha's. She had on a purple lace dress, it was strapless, and it was kinda of short, so you could see she was wearing purple lace underwear. and just like Tasha's boobs, her butt looked huge.*

Parker: That girls butt cannot be that big.

*The next to come out was Tiffany. She had on a red tank top, and was wearing red underwear. She began to do provactive posses in the mirror.*

Anais: I do not like where this is going.

*Finally the last to come out was Stacey.*

*And when she came out, Fe nearly had a heart attack! Stacey had on a pink push up bra, and pink underwear, and she was wear 6inch platform heels. She started looking at herself, and doing exactly what Tiffany was doing.*

Fe: What is she up to?

*Stacey and the others began to talk.*

Tasha: So Stacey do you think your plan is going to work???

Stacey: totally, when Raymond sees me in this... He'll dump that loser Fe, and want to be with me. hahaha, at the dance I'll lure Ray into the backroom.

Tiffany: Whatcha gonna do there?

Stacey: (snickered) Hello Tiffany!... I'm going to do some good old classic stripping.

Fe: That girl will have to go through me first.

Traci: So what are we going to do?

Stacey: (unfolding the plan to the wannabees) OK Tiffany, you're gonna take Vince into the janitors closet, Traci you take Heath into the area behind the gym, and Tasha you take Preston to the "Green Room" 

Tiffany: And... What are we suppose to do?

Stacey: (looking like she was about to smack Tiffany) You're gonna do what I do... Strip for them, dance, and begin making out with them.

*She licked her lips.*

Tasha: Can we rip there shirts open?

Stacey: Oh Yeah! definatley do that! 

*Stacey looked at herself in the mirror again.*

Stacey: (She began speaking to herself) *She snickered* Raymond Montages III... You will be mine.

*Fe scowled, got up and walked out of the store. Anais, Parker, and Sutton followed behind.*

*They went back to where their boyfriends were sitting.* 

Ray: (getting up) So what did you find out.

*Fe told Ray all about Stacey's devious plan.*

*Ray took a step back*

Ray: You have got to be kidding me! How does she think I'll actually follow her?

Fe: I don't know. But all I know is that you need to stick by me at the dance.

Vince: That'll be hard, because The Suns are performing at the dance.

Fe: OK. Well then. I'll keep an eye on you Ray, Anais you watch Vince, Parker don't let Heath out of your sight, and Sutton stay as close to Preston as possible. We cannot let Stacey and her wannabees get away with this.

Ray: OK. You'll have to be backstage with us.

Fe: OK.

*After that they left the mall.*

*Ray drove Fe home.*

Fe: (taking off her seat belt) I'll see ya tomorrow.

*Ray kissed her.*

Ray: See ya tomorrow, I'll pick you up for the dance at 7

Fe: OK.... (She got out of the car.)

Fe: (popping her head back in) And remember Stay by me!

Ray: Hey you know I'm actually wrote a duet for us. So that way you can keep an eye on me. Also Vince is gonna get a bass solo, and I talked to Anais and she's going to do one of her lyrical routines.

Fe: (totally shocked) You... Wrote a duet. For you and I?

*Ray nodded*

Fe: Well don't leave yet. The day's still young. Come in so we can practice.

*Ray got out of his car.*

Ray: OK. Let's go in.

*The two raced inside.*

*Mrs. Rose was in the kitchen when they walked in.*

Fe: Hola mama

Felina: Hola mija!

Ray: Hi Mrs. Rose

Felina: Hi Raymond!

Mrs. Rose loved Ray, in fact Felina and Reyna-Jean were best friends in high school.

*Fe and Ray went up to her room. She had her own personal recording studio in there.*

*Fe and Ray practiced the song, it was called Beautiful Sun.*

*It was perfect for them!* 


Cariston High Act 2: Scene 3

Fe and Ray were heading to Cariston City park. It was a peaceful place, with trees birds chirping, and there was a pond with two swans. It was very romantic at night, it was one of Fe and Ray's favorite places to go.

*They were strolling along holding hands*

Fe: I loved your new song today Ray (she put her head on his shoulder)

Ray: thanks babe. 

*He kissed the top of her head.*

*Then they headed for the nearest bench, and took a seat.*

Fe: I'm sorry I'm bringing this up... but i was surprise about what you said, you know... about your father and all, because you never talk about your father's death.

*Ray let out a big sigh*

Ray: Its ok... I don't know, its just that,  seeing the actual crash that killed my father, it was devastating for me. 

Fe: Now why did you stop playing your guitar? you know before I sung your lullaby...

Ray: (he sighed) When I was playing... I saw my father, lying dead on the ground... and I could just here the new reporter saying "Ray Montages II has been reported... Dead!" 

*He began to cry*

*Fe grabbed his shoulders, and held him close.*

Fe: No, no. Don't cry. shhh. 

*She began to sing his lullaby*

Fe: (Singing) I'll shelter to you... from your pain... Don't you cry don't shed a tear.... I am hear. And I will hold you, in my arms, and so, don't cry, I am here... 

*Ray rested his head on her shoulder. Fe stroke his hair with her fingers.*

*He lifted his head, and smiled at her*

Ray: I don't what it is? that song, or the fact that you have the voice of an angel.

*Fe smiled*

*They began kissing passionatley. And as they were kissing, the two swans on the pond met eachother in the middle, and made a heart.*

*When Fe and Ray stopped kissing. Fe turned to look at the pond. She smiled when she saw the swans.*

Fe: Awh! Look Ray... The swans are in love... just like us. 

*He smiled. Then he pulled her in closer, and kissed her again.* 

Cariston High Act 2: Scene 2

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were all sitting in Ray's basement er, Band room.

*Ray had out his special notebook, and his special pen. He also had his English notes out.* 

Vince: Alright! So what does The Great Ray Montages III have for us???

Ray: Vince? The GREAT Ray Montages III???

Vince: Dude! I worship you! Ray your HOT!

Ray: (He had a disturbed look on his face) Thanks Vince.... I think your Hot too....

Heath: OK... Moving On! So Ray what have you got for us?

*Ray handed Heath his English notes*

Ray: Read the first paragraph of the Poem.

Heath: (Reading) Ray's of Sun shine upon you. Struck by lightning, and  soon the sun will die, but it's rays will redeem it... *He continued to read in silence. Then he put the paper down.* That is the most beautiful thing I ever read.

Ray: OK, So I was thinking we could do something with a lot of screaming guitar, and killer bass.

Vince: OK show us Ray!

*Ray grabbed his guitar and plugged it into its amp.*

*He began strumming, making the guitar scream. But something came over him.*

Ray: Oh Gosh! 

*He had this sad look on his face*

Vince: Ray are you OK man?

*Ray set his guitar down*

Ray: I don't know. I just can't play right now. When I got home and I was in my room I started playing, but then something came over for me, and it was too painful to play.... I think the reason is for seeing my father's death.

*The others gasped*

Fe: Raymond? Babe.... You never talk about your father's death!

Vince: Yeah Ray! This is not like you!

*Ray flopped down on the couch*

Ray: I... I don't know what came over me... and to tell you guys the truth. That was the first time I saw my dad's death. When it did actually happen, I remember my mom telling me, "Raymond, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your father has died." And I think actually seeing it made things worse... And...

*He began to cry*

*Fe sat next to him. She put her arm around his shoulder, and try to calm him down*

Fe: Shhh... It's OK. Want me to sing to you?

*Ray sniffed and nodded his head*

Fe: (singing) I'll shelter to you... from your pain... Don't you cry don't shed a tear.... I am hear. And I will hold you, in my arms, and so, don't cry, I am here... (she finished)

*Ray grabbed her waist*

Ray: I love it when you sing to me

*He gave her a light kiss*

Ray: You know I feel much better now!

*Ray jumped up, and grabbed his guitar.

Vince: (looking at Fe) Wow Fe! Your singing fixed him!

*He then turned to Anais*

Vince: Hey Anais, maybe when I'm feeling sad, you can sing to me. 

Anais: (laughing) psh... I can't sing... But if your ever feeling sad Vince, I can perform my lyrical routine for you.

*He smiled*

Vince: Oh. that's right! I forget my girlfriend's The Dancer!

*He kissed her on the lips, and then she she did a ballet turn, and ended with a Plie.*

Vince: Beautiful!

*Anais smiled*

*They continued listening to Ray. Then he finished.*

Ray: So what do you guys think?

Vince: That was killer Ray! Absolutely killer!

Ray: OK then. Vince grab your bass.

*Vince got up and grabbed his bass*

Ray: Alright Vince. I want some fire from that bass, make it hot man!

Vince: Oh you know  how I do!

Ray: OK you start us out.

*Vince began playing, and Ray followed behind him.*

Ray: (calling Heath and Preston) Heath get over to those drums and make them sizzle! and Preston you better make that keyboard jam!

*Heath and Preston jumped up and headed to their designated instrument.*

*Finally they all began playing.*

*And it didn't take Ray long to begin singing.*

Ray: (singing) Sun Shine... redeemed by the rays... sunlight... take me away. For years I have been dying every night. And I feel alive....

*In the chorus, Ray went into his sexy falsetto voice.*

Ray: (singing) Sun Rays redeem me... Save me from the devil, Oooooh, Sun Rays... your my only hope... You make me smile, and I know that you'll redeem ME!!! (it was the highest he had gone.)

*Then he went into a screaming guitar solo.*

*He then went back to the chorus. And finished with his guitar screaming.*

*Fe and the other girls cheered. Fe ran up to Ray and kissed him right on the lips*

Fe: Now that was some serious sexy falsetto voice!

Ray: (smiling) thanks babe!

*Ray turned to the guys*

Ray: So what do you guys think?

Vince: That was killer man... and that guitar solo! I did not see that coming!

*Ray smiled*

After that everyone left. Fe was the last to go.

Ray: (pulling Fe closer to him) Do you have to go?!

Fe: Well the night's still young... and my mom says that it'll be OK for us to go out tonight.

Ray: Oh! OK do you wanna see a movie? or we can take a walk in the park?

Fe: lets take a walk in the park.

*They smiled at each other. Then they headed out.* 

Cariston High Act 2: Scene 1

Ray and his mom had just gotten home. When they got inside, Ray tossed his book bag on the ground, and rushed to lay down on the couch. His mother sat on the ottoman next to him.

Reyna-Jean: So what's bugging you Ray?

*Ray explained what had happened.*

Reyna-Jean: (grabbed Ray) Oh my poor darling boy!

*They both began to cry.*

Ray: (crying) I miss him so much mom.

Reyna-Jean: (pulled him in closer) I know. I miss him too!

*She released him*

*Ray got up*

Ray: I'm gonna go to my room.

Reyna-Jean: OK. I'm gonna make pizza, do you want me to bring you up a slice?

Ray: (on the first step) Sure. Thanks mom.

Reyna-Jean: Your welcome sweetie.

*She smiled. Ray ran up to his room.*

Ray's room was like any other bedroom, a bed, a bookshelf. His guitar was laying against its amplifier. A picture of Ray, when he was 11, and his dad was hanging on the wall.

*Ray grabbed his guitar, he sat on the floor and began strumming it. But suddenly it was to painful to play. So he hopped on his bed, pulled up the covers, and lay in bed. He eventually fell asleep.

*Ray woke up hearing a knock on his door*

Ray: Come in (he choked)

*His mom walked in carrying a plate of Hawaiian pizza.*

Reyna-Jean: Here's your pizza kiddo.

Ray: Thanks Mom.

Reyna-Jean: Your welcome sweetie.

*She walked out of the room*

*Ray began eating his pizza*

Reyna-Jean: (popping her head back in the room) Oh. your girlfriend, Fe is here.

Ray: She is. OK. I'll be down there in a minute.

Reyna-Jean: OK, I'll tell her you're coming.

*His mom closed the door, Ray continued to eat his pizza.*

Down stairs, Fe was sitting on the couch. She too was having a slice of pizza.

Reyna-Jean: Ray will be down shortly dear.

Fe: OK. thanks Reyna-Jean.

*Reyna-Jean smiled*

*Just as Fe took another bite of her pizza, Ray walked in.*

Ray: Hey babe (He sat down next to her)

Fe: Hey. I came to check on you. See if you were alright.

Ray: Thanks. Yeah I'm alright.

Fe: Are you still having everyone come over?

Ray: Yeah. I want to get started on the new song.

Fe: OK. Vince said he and the others will be here around 5... I asked my mom and she says I can stay here.

Ray: OK.

*They continued to talk, and laugh. Then they made out for awhile.*

Ray: (getting up) C'mon lets go the band room.

*The two walked down stairs.*

The basement, or should I say band room. This was where The Suns practiced.

Ray: Oh shoot! stay here babe. I have to get my guitar.

*He raced up stairs. It didn't take that long for him to bring down his guitar. He didn't have to bring down his amp, cuz there was already one down there.

*He laid it next to the amp. Then he sat next to Fe on the couch.*

There was silence for awhile.

Fe: Hey, I'm sorry I unbuttoned your shirt. (she laughed)

Ray: (laughing) Yeah, I was like "Fe, what are you doing?

Fe: Sorry I can't help myself, your just so Gorgeous Ray.

*He got closer to her*

Ray: You're gorgeous too.

*She giggled. Then they started making out again, they made out for 12 minutes.*

*Vince and the others walked in just as Ray and Fe continued making out.*

Vince: Hey Ray! You didn't tell me this was going to be a make out party!

*He grabbed Anais by the waist and they began making out. Parker and Heath, and Sutton and Preston began making out too.*

Ray: No. C'mon guys lets get to work.

*No one said anything. They continued to make out*

Ray: Ok. we'll get started.... After we make out.

*He grabbed Fe again and kissed her harder.*

They all continued to make out. Finally they stopped.

Ray: Ok guys let's get started on the new song.




Cariston High Act 1: Scene 3

The music room was a big room with a keyboard, guitar, drums, and bass. It was the biggest room at Cariston next to the dance room. Music was taught by Soraya Caralini, she was a young teacher, about 21, she loved The Suns, so she would always let Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston play with the instruments.

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston walked into the room, the whole class was there, but Ms. Caralini wasn't there?

Ray: Hey Sloane, where's Ms. Caralini? (He asked Sloane Farrow, who was standing by the drums.)

Sloane: She's coming. She just had to get something from the office.

Sloane Farrow was one of the sweetest girls at Cariston, she was always so pleasant to be around. She had a huge crush on Ben Travis. To bad Stacey Kristine had him wrapped around her finger... well lips if you look at their "relationship" 

Fe: Hey Sloane

Sloane: Hey Fe.

Sloane: Hey Ray, you and The Suns were really great last night.

Ray: Thanks Sloane.

*They continued laughing and talking, until they heard someone scream Ray's name*

Voice(s): RAY!!!!!

*Three girls began hugging Ray*

Eleanora Quinsey, Perla Trinity, and Valentine Hartson, three freshmen girls who were practically Ray's fan club.

Ray: Hi girls. um.... I can't breathe.

*The girls released Ray's waist*

Eleanora: Sorry Ray.

Ray: (laughing) It's OK... Hey confession time. Now did you girls run up on to the stage last night, and try to take off my shirt?

*The girls gave each other shocked looks*

Perla: It was Eli's idea! (She pointed at Eleanora)

Eleanora: (shocked) Perla!!

Valentine: I had nothing to do with it...

Eleanora: (scowling) Oh please Val, you were the one who tried to take off his shirt!

Valentine: I'm sorry I can't help it! He's just sooo YUMMY! 

*The girls hugged Ray again, they began unbuttoning his shirt*

Fe: (noticing) Uh girls, what are you're doing?

Eleanora: Oh Hi Fe.... *She released Ray's shirt*

*Ray's shirt was half way open, you could see his abs peeking through*

Fe: You're trying to take Ray's shirt off... I want in!!!

Fe hugged Ray, and she successfully opened his shirt.

*Eleanora, Perla, and Valentine went crazy.*

*Vince ran over to see what was going on*

Vince: Ray, dude, ya didn't tell me we're gonna do "Baby Tell Me"!!! 

*Without hesitation Vince unbuttoned his shirt*

*Ray shrugged and grabbed the guitar*

*Vince followed behind and grabbed the bass*

Ray: Heath! Preston! C'mon guys! were doing "Baby Tell Me"

Heath: Yes! (He ran over to the drums)

*Preston ran to the keyboard* 

*They began playing, and Ray and Vince began singing* 

*And when they danced, all the girls in the room went crazy*

*Some of the guys were rolling there eyes*

*Well who would blame 'em, the girls that they had crushes on going crazy for a guy who already had a girlfriend, who by the way went into a frenzy when Ray went into the most sexiest falsetto voice.*

*Just as they finished and Ray and Vince began buttoning their shirts up, Ms. Caralini walked in.*


Ms. Caralini: Hi class! Sorry I'm late, I had to talk to Principal Sparkrens.

*She looked at Ray and the others*

Ms. Caralini: Were you guys playing something?

Ray: Yes. we were playing "Baby Tell Me."

Ms. Caralini: Ooh, good song, I saw your guy's concert last night, you were amazing!

Ray: Aw. Thanks Ms. C

*Ms. Caralini smiled*

Ms. Caralini: Well if you boys we'll take a seat, so I can get class started

*Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston took a seat with the rest of the class*

Ms. Caralini: Alright class, today were gonna watch a video.

*The class cheered*

Anais: What movie are we watching Ms. C?

Ms. Caralini: Oh just a little documentary...

*The class groaned*

Ms. Caralini: It's a documentary on Rock Legends.

*The class got excited again* 

The documentary was actually very good, it had the big name's such as Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones, then there was some bands who were only known in there own area. And this was a surprise... They showed The Suns, no not Ray   Montages III, but his father... It showed all The Suns performances. And then for some shocking reason, it showed the crash that killed The Suns.

*Fe looked at Ray, who had his hand on his forehead, luckily he wasn't looking at the screen. A tear rolled down his cheek. He looked up, and on the screen it showed his father lying dead on the ground.

News Reporter: The beloved Cariston City band The Suns tour bus crashed on the Coyer Bridge, the band was just heading home from their benefit concert in Galancey. Paramedics have found one of the band members.... The News Reporter didn't say anything for awhile... There was a beep in his ear. It's just in, paramedics have found lead singer/guitarist Ray Montages II. He has been reported... Dead.

*Ray was crying harder, he furiously raised his hand.*

Ms. Caralini: Yes Ray?

Ray: Ms. C can I use the restroom?

Ms. Caralini: Sure.

*Ray briskly walked out of the room*

*Ms. Caralini looked at Fe, then she looked at Vince, Heath, and Preston, who were all crying.*

*She looked at the screen. She then had a shocked look on her face, without hesitation she turned off the TV.*

Ms. Caralini: Class I gotta talk with Principal Sparkrens, talk quietly amongst  yourselves. She rushed out of the room.*

*Everyone began talking.*

*Salome Ericsson  tapped Fe's shoulder*

Salome: Hey Fe. what's wrong with Ray?

Fe: Ray... Raymond doesn't really like anyone to talk about it.

Salome: About what?

Salome Ericsson. She was a very sweet girl, just like Sloane, which made sense since they were best friends. But she was very naive. 

Fe: His father's death. (She gave Salome a Hello, where have you been? sorta look)

It was true Ray did not like talking about his fathers death. It was too painful to think about. and seeing it probably just made things worse. 

The bell rang, Ms. Caralini came back just as the class was picking up their things.*

Ms. Caralini: Class dismissed

Fe, Vince, Anais, Heath, Parker, Preston, and Sutton walked down the hall. They stopped by the restrooms

Vince: I'm going to see if Ray's alright

All (except Vince): OK.

*Vince walked in*

Vince: Ray? Ray? Raymond?!!

Ray: in here (he choked from one of the shower rooms.)

Vince opened the curtains. Ray was hunched over, his face in his hands, the shower was running, and Ray was getting drenched*

Vince: Ray! (He turned the water off, then he sat next to his best friend.)

Vince: Ray, are you OK? 

Ray: I don't feel good.

*Vince got up and grabbed a towel from one of the lockers. He then made Ray stand up and gave him the towel. Ray hesitantly wrapped it around his shoulders.

Vince: C'mon man. Let's get you out of here

*They stepped out of the restroom.*

Fe: (totally shocked) Raymond! What happened???

*Vince explained the whole thing.*

After that Ray was taken to the nurse. He gotta a cold pretty fast.

*Vince was with him. Ray got a pass to go home.*

Vince: Hey Ray, do you need a ride home?

Ray: Ugh, no man. I'm just gonna call my mom, see if she can pick me up.

Vince: (confused) didn't you drive today?

Ray: No. My cousin, Vanya had to borrow my car. I rode with Fe today.

Vince: OK. Suit yourself. 

*He walked away so Ray could talk to his mom in private.*

Ray: (on the phone) hello, mom. Hi, um can you pick me up from school? I'm not feeling good. The nurse gave me a pass to go home..... OK, thanks mom. I'll see ya in a bit.

*Ray walked back over where the others were standing.*

*He opened his locker*

Fe: Ya leaving babe?

Ray: Yeah. My mom's coming to pick me up.

Fe: Oh. OK. You sure? school's almost over, we only have Art left.

Ray: Nah. I wanna go home. 

Fe: OK.

Ray: What homework do we have?

Vince: Um, that worksheet in Social Studies, and... I think that's it.

*Anais grabbed her agenda out of her purse, she looked*

Anais: yep that's it.

*Ray grabbed his Social Studies book, and folder. Then he grabbed his book bag.*

*Ray walked to the front doors, the others followed him.*

*It was 2 minutes later when his mom pulled into the parking lot.*

Ray: bye guys. See ya later.

All: Bye Ray.

*They waved*

*The bell rang, and they headed to the last class of the day art.*

(In Ray's mom's car)

Reyna-Jean: Is everything alright Raymond?

*Ray shook his head.*

Ray: I'll tell you when we get home.




This is Me!




Cariston High Act 1: Scene 2

Fe, Anais, Ray, and Vince headed to English class. Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were heading to Social Studies. The Juniors English was was taught by Raymond Brixtren. He was a really cool teacher, and Ray loved him, not just because he was a good teacher and all. But because they shared the same name. Ray liked anyone named Ray. You see Ray Montages III was named after his father, Ray montages II who had died just 3 years ago in a tour bus accident. Ray's father was apart of the original band, The Suns. Ray remembers his dad giving him his special guitar. These were the last words his father said to him, 'Don't worry, I'll perform with my other guitar. I love you son.: And after his father's tragic death, everyone thought The Suns would be over, but Ray said no. So he got together with the sons of the other band members, Vincent "Vince" Dremari III, Heath Gregory III, and Preston Peters III, who had all lost their dads' So they decided that they would be The Suns, and take their fathers' places.


So anyways, in English class Mr. Brixtren was discussing poetry.

Mr. Brixtren: (reading) so my foot prints are molded into the sand, and as I trace the tide, I can feel your footprint, and I know we'll meet halfway.

*He closes the book*

Mr. Brixtren: Can anyone tell me in their own opinion what they feel when hearing this poem? Anyone?

*Ray raised his hand.*

Mr. Brixtren: Oh, yes, Ray?

Ray: Well Mr. Brixtren, I think it has to do with love, and knowing that you'll see each other, and the deal with the feeling of each other's foot prints it's  like having a strong connection. That's how I see it.

Mr. Brixtren: Good Job Ray!

*Ray smiled and sat back in his chair.*

Mr. Brixtren: So. Anyone want to add on to that?

*No one raised their hand*

Mr. Brixtren. Well then, if you would all take out your notes.

*He turned on the projector*

Mr. Brixtren: Today we'll be discussing two poems. "When Flowers Die." and "The Sun's Rays." And speaking of which... Ray you and The Suns were awesome last night!

Ray: No way you were there!?

*Mr. Brixtren smiled*

Mr. Brixtren: Oh yeah, I go out.

*The class began to laugh.*

Mr. Brixtren: What? I'm only 23!

*the class continued to laugh* *except for Fe, Anais, and Vince*

Ray: OK guys, give Mr. Brixtren a break!

*The class stopped laughing*

Mr. Brixtren: Thank you Ray.... OK, moving on. Let's start with "The Sun's Rays."

Mr. Brixtren talked as everyone wrote down in their notebooks, trying to paraphrase every word, to resist getting writers cramp. The Sun's Rays was an extremely radiant poem. It had some sort of motivational message to it. It said "Let the suns rays shine on you and you can be amazing!"

Fe looked at Ray, He was smiling as he was writing every word, which meant he liked it, Ray took out a guitar sticker, and put it near the top, which meant he was gonna write a song based on this poem. "Oh Poetry, it can give you good ideas for Rock songs." Ray once said.

Vince: (tapped on Fe's shoulder) Ray put a guitar sticker on his paper?

Fe: (looking up) Yep.

Vince: Sweet.

and just as the last slide for The Sun's Rays ended, and the last paraphrased word was written, the bell rang.


Mr. Brixtren: OK class. We'll begin with "When Flowers Die" tomorrow. No homework tonight!

*The class cheered*

Fe, Ray, Anais, and Vince waited by the Social Studies room for Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston. When they finally came out they began walking.

Ray: Hey guys. My house after school, I got an idea for a new song.

Heath: Oh really...

*Vince nudged him*

Vince: Guitar sticker,  man.

Heath: Oh... OK.

Ray: So can everyone meet at my house.

All: Yep!

The gang headed to the one of the only class they had together... Music. "Oh what joy music brings to the world!" Ray exclaimed.

*They all nodded*


Cariston High Act 1: Scene 1

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston are heading towards the cafeteria to have lunch.

Topic of the day: The awesome concert The Suns performed last night.

Anais: You guys were killer last night!

Vince: Thanks babe. (He kissed her on the cheek.)

Fe: (laughing) Ray, I almost jumped on the stage when you went into that falsetto voice in "Baby Tell Me."

Ray: (laughing) Funny, cuz I think I saw Eleanora, Perla, and Valentine jump up there... They nearly took my shirt off all the way.

The song "Baby Tell Me" was also the song where Ray and Vince opened their shirts, and showed of their sexy yummy abs. And they did sexy dance moves while playing their guitar and bass.

Fe: Well if it was them, it's cute, as long as it wasn't... Oh No.

Stacey Kristine. She was the meanest girl @ Cariston High. Fe hated her, because she was always trying to steal Ray from her. Stacey was with Tiffany, Traci-Anne, and Tasha. 

Stacey: Hey guys... (turns to Ray) Hey Raymond. (She winked at him).

*Ray hid his face in his arms*

Fe: (looking at Stacey) Do you have anything better to do?

Stacey: Yeah I do. But I rather bother you guys first.

As usual. Stacey had on black yoga shorts, and a "Love Pink" crop top from Victoria's Secret. She had a diamond belly button ring.

Anais: Wow Stacey, is Victoria's Secret the only place you shop at?

*Stacey looked at Anais and smirked*

Stacey: Yes. It is the only store I shop at, because I don't shop at old people stores such as JcPenney or Kohls.

Fe: Wow. That was offensive. towards JcPenney, Kohls, and old people.

Traci-Anne: You know, I think I saw Fe in Victoria's Secret last Saturday.

Of course. Traci-Anne McConnell, the bitch to always spread some type of gossip. She also was wearing yoga shorts. She had on a purple tank top which had the "Love Pink' Slogan.

Fe: Yes, I was in there. But I was buying WORKOUT Clothes! I do Zumba on Saturdays.

Ray: It's true, I've watched her through my window.

*He took a swig of his water.*

Fe: (laughing) No you don't.

Ray: But I do. and I think the way you shake is amazing.

*He winked at her, then kissed her on the cheek.*

Tasha: You guys are gross!

Tasha Trenton: The bitch with Swag. Always taking the most provocative photos, and in them she's always making gang signs. She too was wearing yoga shorts and she had on a super tight low cut crop top that showed off her cleavage. She kept on trying to bend over for Preston, who without hesitation, slipped his head in his jacket. Sutton scowled at Tasha.

Sutton: Leave them alone Tasha.... and GOSH Dammit Girl put some clothes on!!

*Tasha laughed as she stood straight up and put her hand on her hip. *

Tasha: Better watch yourself Sutton, You don't know what I'm capable of.

*She winked at Preston*

Sutton; (getting up angrily) You little...

*Preston grabbed her.*

Preston: Sutton, No.

*Sutton looked at him and he gave her a look. That  calmed her down.*

Stacey: (smirking) let's go guys.

*Stacey, Tiffany, Traci, and Tasha walked to the table on the other side of the cafeteria.

Fe, Ray and the others watched as Stacey and Tiffany began making out with Ben Travis, and Terrence Princeton.*

Ray: Well. Glad that's over.

Fe: What does that chick want with you? (turning to Ray)

Ray: Oh you know. She's wearing  short yoga shorts, skanky crop tops, and she has a belly button ring... She's trying to turn me on. Yeah, she's trying to get me to cheat on you...

*He paused then he gently grabbed Fe's face.*

Ray: But I would never do that, because I love ya Fe, you're the only girl for me.

Fe: Oh Ray.

*They Kissed.*

Then they continued eating their lunch.

Society Killed the Teenager

Like if you agree
Hey, wait a minute... My Dreams Matter! I know myself, my worth and my dreams. I know me!
in today's society, people specifically teens, are being told what's right and wrong. Making them not be who they truly are. and it breaks my heart... and I'm a teen myself, but I'm able to go against what society wants. If you agree with me, plz like, and if you have an opinion plz comment. This is a very big issue for me. Thank you! <3


Cuz I'm a Woman


Excuse me what did you just say to me?

Boy, you don't wanna go there

You told me to shut up

really you told me to shut up

You can't tell me that

Cuz im a woman

You can't call me ugly

I am Beautiful

Cuz im a Woman

and God made me Beautiful

So you have no rite calling me ugly

I'm stronger than that

Boy you aren't the boss of me

Cuz im a Woman

Polyvore Art





Mercusio and Azalea are sitting on the grass watching the sun set.

Mercusio: Azalea.
Azalea: yes Mercusio?
Mercusio: if I kiss you. Will you promise to be mine forever?
Azalea: Yes! Yes Mercusio!
They kiss Passionately. Then he picks her up and carries her into the sun set.






Beyond the Looking Glass
there's a girl with flowers in her hair
She is me, before I became an angel.
I step into her world, and find her resting her head on a branch.
I told her she was beautiful, and she told me the same. Then she asked me who I was. And I told her, "I am you." She began to cry, and I kissed her on the cheek. I waved goodbye as I stepped back into my world. I will visit her again, the girl beyond the looking glass.











I had been friends with Raymond Montages III ever since he moved to the neighborhood. He was kind, good-looking, funny, and had an amazing voice. But now I've become attracted to him. It's not my fault that the boy has yummy rock hard flat abs, and has a sexy rock star tenor voice and go into a sexy falsetto voice. I've notice him looking at me differently. I walk over to his house. He lives with his mom. His dad died when his band "The Suns" got killed when they were coming home from a benefit concert. And Ray is best friends with Vincent Dremari III, who is the son of his father's best friend, Vincent Dremari II, who was the bass player in the band. Now Ray and Vince were continuing there fathers band, and it was kind of strange that all of the band members were named after their fathers. Well I headed over to Ray's. He was in his room, strumming his guitar. "Hey Beautiful." He said when he saw me standing in his doorway. "Hey." I said blushing. As he stood up, i notice that he had on his jean jacket, it was open, and it revealed his flat hard rock abs. He walked up to me, then he slowly kissed me. "Wanna take a walk?" He asked pulling my face close to his. "Sure." I said softly. We headed out, I guess he didn't care that his abs were showing, he did however hold me close to his side. We walked, and finally we stopped, and we kissed passionately on the spot. <3






Sexy Desert Looks
























The 3 Qualities of Being a VINTAGE TEENAGER




1. You love anything thats Vintage, basically you like "Old School" stuff.New stuffs a'ight but it just can't compare to the Vintage flare 


2. You like to listening to old music. I'm talking BeeGees Stayin Alive, Stevie Wonder and Elton John. You like the new music but it just can't compare. U can receive this quality if ur parents listen to good music.if not well strt listenin'!


and finally!...


3. Awesomeness runs thru Ur blood!!!!!


and that is how u can become a Vintage Teenager. 


Quotes from Books I've Read


"A person isn't a bird. You can't cage a person."- Walk Two Moons


"...but it doesn't feel crazy to us. It feels like what we do."- Heartbeat


" I tried. Can't do it. Brain's empty."- Love that Dog


"Libero! It was a celebration of being alive."- Bloomability


" Those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy."- Beastly


"Are you nervous about no longer being a big fish in a small pond- Alphas


"Sometimes your best company is you."- A Pearl Among Princes.


"It made no sense to anyone." Saffy's Angel


"Don't be afraid of death; be afaraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live."-Tuck Everlasting


"Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold." The Outsiders


" We are like the phoenix. Rising again, with a new life ahead of us."- Esperanza Rising


"How many others were walking around and not even knowing that someone far away cared for them? Imagine all that love floating in the air, waiting to land on someone's life!”- Becoming Naomi Leon


"You must wallk alone to find your soul."-Speak 



I Got a 2 on this! thats an Excellent by the way :D


Lion King

The Beginning of this song is my new Alarm clock!! :D


JCS Jesus Christ Superstar.... Love this Musical!!!






I Love Newsies


Seize The Day from Newsies <3


Why Should I Worry?

This is From Oliver and Company



TIABC The I am Beautiful Club



My Bucket List


Perfect 1st date! ♥




Seize The Day!!!!




By Myself or with someone I love?


With the one I love. whoever he may be


Never ever been on the date. :(



I will always ♥



Now if only I can find a guy who will be my best friend ♥



Pretty Soon!!!




I'm still looking for someone to fall for ♥

Cariston High Characters

Cariston High will be an upcoming Scene/Play I'll be working on.


Fe Rose. Age:  16 She is the most popular girl @ Cariston High. She has a beautiful voice. Her boyfriend is Ray Montages III. 

Personal Life: Her birth name is Felicitas Selena Rose, but she prefers to go by her nickname Fe. When she was 14 she met Ray Montages III. They became very good friends, and she eventually started dating him. She is always spending time with Ray, and her other friends, Which include Anais Blackstone, Vince Dremari III, Parker Geffen, Heath Gregory III, Sutton Priers,and Preston Peters III. Her arch-nemesis is Stacey Kristine. She has written many songs, one lullaby has been introduced in the script. "Don't Cry I am Here (Ray's Lullaby)." which is a lullaby she sings to Ray when he is crying about seeing his father's death. She loves hearing Ray sing. She hopes maybe sometimes they can do a duet together. 


Anais Blackstone. Age:  16. She is Fe's best friend. She is an amazing dancer. boyfriend is Vince Dremari III.

Personal Life: She was born Anais Everin Blackstone. She has been best friends with Fe Rose since they were in Kindergarten. When Fe had met Ray Montages III, at the same time, Anais met Vince Dremari III. She first didn't have a thing for him, she actually liked Ray first, but after she saw that Vince played the bass, she automatically became attracted to him. She doesn't know why but she thinks bass players are hot. After that she and Vince became very good friends, and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. She is always spending time with Vince, Fe, and Ray. Her other friends include Parker Geffen, Heath Gregory III, Sutton Priers, and Preston Peters III. Her arch-nemesis is Tiffany Paris. She is mentioned to be a lyrical dancer. 


Parker Geffen. Age: 16 She is friends w/ Fe, Anais, and Sutton. She is an amazing artist. Her boyfriend is Heath Gregory III.

Personal Life: She was born Parker Solveig Geffen. She's always had the hots for guys who played the drums, so it was "love at first beat" when she met Heath Gregory III. They became very good friends, and eventually started going out. She loves spending every waking moment with Heath, Fe, Vince, and Anais. She is also good friends with Sutton Priers, and Preston Peters III. Her arch-nemesis is Traci-Anne McConnell. She is mentioned to be an amazing artist. 


Sutton Priers. Age: 16 She is friends w/ Fe, Anais, and Parker. She is a outgoing fashion designer. Her boyfriend is Preston Peters III.

Personal Life: She was born Sutton Monroe Priers. She is a big fan of guys who can jam on the keyboard, so she automatically became attracted when she first met Preston Peters III. The two became really good friends,and eventually started going out. She loves spending everyday with Preston, Fe Rose, Ray Montages III, Anais Blackstone, Vince Dremari III, Parker Geffen, and Heath Gregory III. Her arch-nemesis is Tasha Trenton. She is mentioned to be an outgoing fashion designer. 


Raymond 'Ray' Montages III. Age: 16 1/2 He is the most popular guy @ Cariston High. His band is The Suns. He plays the guitar, and has an amazing voice. His girlfriend is Fe Rose. his dad died when he was 13.

Personal Life: He was born Raymond Nicodemus Montages III. He was named after his father, Raymond Nicodemus Montages III. He prefers to go by his nickname Ray. When he was 13 years old, he was told by his mother that his father had died... Ray was devastated because he and his dad were really close. Now 16 almost 17 Ray is the most popular guy @ Cariston High. He is a total babe, with his sexually yummy abs, killer voice, and killer guitar playing. When he was 14 almost 15, He met Fe Rose, and he instantly became attracted to her. They became good friends with her, and they eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. He loves spending time with Fe, and his best friend Vince Dremari III. Other friends include, Anais Blackstone, Parker Geffen, Heath Gregory III, Sutton Priers, and Preston Peters III. He absolutely can not stand Stacey Kristine, whose trying to impress him by wearing yoga shorts, skanky crop tops, and having her bellybutton pierced. He likes none of that stuff! It is mentioned that his favorite teacher is his English teacher Mr. Brixtren, since they share the same first name. Some of his most loved quotes include: "Oh Poetry, it can give you good ideas for Rock songs." and  "Oh what joy music brings to the world!" He loves it when Fe sings to him. He's thinking about writing a duet for the two of them. In English class whenever he likes a poem they're discussing he'll put a guitar sticker by his notes, meaning that he got an idea for a new song. 


Vincent 'Vince' Dremari III. Age:  16 1/2 He is Ray's bestfriend. he plays bass in The Suns. his GF is Anais Blackstone. his dad died when he was 13.

Personal Life: He was born Vincent Leighton Dremari III, after his father, Vincent Leighton Dremari III. He prefers to be called Vince. He has been best friends with Ray Montages III since Pre-K, they've been through everything including hearing that both their dads died. When he was 14 he met Anais Blackstone, and at first he thought she wouldn't like him because he played the bass, but come to find out Anais loved that he played the bass. So the two became really close friends, and they eventually start dating. He loves spending time with Anais, Ray Montages III, Fe Rose, Parker Geffen, Heath Gregory III, Preston Peters III, and Sutton Priers. He can not stand Tiffany Paris, who is constantly trying to impress him. He says that he "Worships" Ray. He loves it when Anais does her lyrical routines for him. 


Heath Gregory III.  Age:  17 He is friends w/ Ray, Vince, and Preston. He plays drums in The Suns. GF is Parker Geffen. his dad died when he was 14.

Personal Life: He was born Heath Kingston Gregory III. He was named after his father, Heath Kingston Gregory II. He is the oldest member of The Suns. He's been good friends with Ray Montages III, Vince Dremari III, and Preston Peters III for a long time. When their dads died he was 14 while Ray, Vince, and Preston were 13. When he was 15 he met Parker Geffen, they became fast friends, and eventually started dating. His friends include: Parker Geffen, Ray Montages III, Vince Dremari III, Anais Blackstone, Fe Rose, Preston Peters III, and Sutton Priers. He can't stand Traci-Anne McConnell, who is constantly trying to impress him, and spreads gossip about his friends. He loves seeing Parker painting or sculpting. 



Preston Peters III. Age: 16 He is friends w/ Ray, Vince, & Heath. He plays the keyboard in The Suns. GF is Sutton Priers. His dad died when he was 13.

Personal Life: He was born Preston Reed Peters III. He was named after his dad, Preston Reed Peters II. He's best friends with Ray Montages III, Vince Dremari III, and Heath Gregory III. And just like Ray, and Vince, Preston's dad died when he was 13. He's also good friends with Fe Rose, Anais Blackstone, Parker Geffen, and Sutton Priers. He met Sutton when he was 14. He had an instant liking to her, and they became fast friends, and then eventually they started dating. He loves spending time with his friends. He can not stand Tasha Trenton, who is always looks like a skank trying to impress him. He loves seeing Sutton design and model clothes she created. 


Stacey Kristine. Age:16 She is the meanest girl @ Cariston High. She is a player. She makesout w/ Ben Travis, but she wants Ray, and she constantly wears tight yoga shorts. She hates Fe. and will do anything to steal Ray from her.

Personal Life: She was born Stacey Marie Kristine. She is the meanest girl @ Cariston High, *Thank Goodness she's not the most popular girl.* Stacey is a total player. She makes out with Ben Travis, but everyone in school knows she wants Ray Montages III. She is said to only shop at Victoria's Secret, because she like to wear short tight yoga shorts, and crop tops. She dresses like this hoping Ray will dump his girlfriend, and be with her, but Ray doesn't like that, and to just make it worse she gets her belly button pierced, when come to find out, Ray hates girls who get there belly button pierced. She has 3 wannabe friends, her bff Tiffany Paris, Traci-Anne McConnell, and Tasha Trenton. Her arch-nemesis is Fe Rose. She has no special talent, so why does she think Ray will go for a girl like her, maybe she can should go after her make out buddy, Ben Travis, to bad he likes someone else. 


Tiffany Paris 16 is pretty, but not all that smart, she is bffs with Stacey Kristine. She's a player, she makesout with Terrence Princeton, but chases after Vince. She also wears yoga shorts. She hates Anais. and will do anything to steal Vince from her.


Traci-Anne McConnell 16 She may look sweet, and very plain. But Traci is a she-witch, she loves to spread gossip. She chases after Heath. Hates Parker. and will do anything to steal Heath from her. She's hoping she can do this by wearing yoga shorts.


Tasha Trenton 16 A total swag B... she loves to take swag provocative pics of herself. She is very sweet at most times. She has a huge crush on Preston. She hates Sutton. and will do anything to steal Preston from her. She loves wearing short yoga shorts.


Ben Travis 17 is a funny guy, but he can be a jerk at times. He hates that he's just Stacey's 'boy toy' he envy's Ray. Its a rumor that hes a jerk, hes only that way cuz both his parents r ded, he lives w/ his aunt & uncle. He has a crush on Sloane Farrow


Terrence Princeton 17 is a sweet outgoing guy. He hates that he is just there to make out w/ Tiffany Paris. Hes jealous of Vince. He has a crush on Salome Ericsson


James Cricket 17 He is a sweet guy. is jealous of Heath. He use to have a crush on Traci-Anne, but then he realized what a b she was, now he has a crush on Rowan Pennington


Peter Harris 17 is a shy guy, he loves writing poems. He used to like Tasha, until he realized what a B she was. He now has a crush on Ralphina Timmons


Sloane Farrow 16 is a funny bubbly girl. her bffs are Salome, Rowan, & Ralphina. She has a huge crush on Ben Travis, who shes known since pre-k. she hates how Stacey Kristine treats him. She wants to be with him.


Salome Ericsson 16 is a pretty, smart girl. she has a huge crush on Terrence Princeton. she's best friends with Sloane, Rowan, and Ralphina. She hates how Tiffany Paris treats Terrence. she wishes Terrence wuld be with her.


Rowan Pennington 16 is a pretty and peaceful girl. friends r Sloane, Salome, and Ralphina. She has a crush on James. She loves to make peace with ppl.


Ralphina Timmons 16 is a funny shy girl who loves poetry. shes friends with Sloane, Salome and Rowan. She has a major crush on Peter Harris.


Bibiana Cabani 18 is a foreign exchange student from Italy. She speaks English very well. But she likes to flirt in Italian, and boys find it irresistible even tho they have no idea what she is saying.


Anastasiya Dubinin 18 is a foreign exchange student from Russia she's extremely beautiful, and loves to spend time with best friends Bibiana, and Nanette


Nanette Roux 18 a foreign exchange student from Paris. She's friends with Bibiana, and Anastasiya. She loves flirting in French.


Dalila Kelta 14 Is a exchange student from Africa. She's a freshmen, and is best friends with Nevaeh Torrison. She has a crush on Drew Warrens


Nevaeh Torrison 14 She is an outgoing, smart girl, who loves spending time with her best friend Dalila Kelta. She has a huge crush on Damien Trues.


Drew Warrens 15 is a funny outgoing guy who loves to joke around with best friend Damien Trues. He has a huge crush on Dalila Kelta.


Damien Trues 15 is a funny, smart guy who loves to joke around with best bud Drew Warren. He has a huge crush on Nevaeh Torrison.


Eleanora Quinsey 14 a girl who is a huge fan of The Suns, esp. Ray. She knows he has a girlfriend, she just loves him for his voice.


Perla Trinity 14 she is best friends with Eleanora, and Valentine. She also has a huge "girly crush" on Ray Montages, but she isn't the kind of girl to steal boyfriends.


Valentine Hartson 14 is best friends w/ Eleanora, and Perla. She loves The Suns, and she loves to hear Ray sing.


Vanya Trinidad 19 She is Ray's older cousin. She's a model and an actress. Her boyfriend is Mordecai Distren.


Mordecai Distren 20 Is the boyfriend of Vanya Trinidad.


Davina Pearlini 15 She's a Sophomore @ Cariston High. She's good friends with Flannery, and Easton, whom she has a crush on.


Flannery Druthers 15 a Sophomore @ Cariston High. She good friends with Davina and Easton. She has a huge crush on Makale Rowing.


Easton Pandenski 15 Is a funny guy who loves spending time with good friends Davina (who he has a crush on), and Valentine. He's also friends with Makale Rowing.


Makale Rowing 15 an outgoing guy who loves spending time with friends. He's good friends with Davina, Flannery (who he has a crush on) and Easton.


The Beautiful Viewers



Aleyna: The Writer


Venita: The Dancer


Octavia: The Model, Dancer, and Actress


Tony Ray: The Playwright and Actor


Azalea: The Lover of life

Beatriz: The Actress


Gianna: The Designer



Mercusio: The Poet


Scene 1. 
Setting: Vorania High School Courtyard. Azalea, Gianna, Aleyna, Beatriz, Venita, Mercusio, and Tony Ray,are all sitting down to lunch, listening to Mercusio share one his poems 

Mercusio: And then she called my name, and I slowly walked up to her, as I took her hand, I told her that I would see her again... and she died in my arms.

Azalea: (crying) that was BEAUTIFUL Mercusio. Bravo, Bravo!
(everyone else claps)
Mercusio: Thank you, Thank You.

a Logical Viewer: Oh give me a break!

The B Vs look at the L.V. a girl wearing clothes that make her look like a boy.

Mercusio: Uh... I beg you're pardon?

L.V: why do you always have to talk in such poetic form, can't you talk, I don't know like a normal person?!

Mercusio: I tried but I don't like it that much. (laughs... the other B.Vs join him)

L.V: (Rolls her eyes). Well let me tell you its really lame, and poetry is stupid, don't waste you're time.

Azalea: What is your name?

L.V: Amy. Amy Jones. I'm a Logical Viewer. 

Azalea: I see. so what's you're problem with Mercusio saying his poem?

Amy: It's annoying. My friends told me to come over hear to tell him to shut up. (she waves to another group of L.Vs.)

Azalea: (totally offended) Excuse me. Mercusio, along with the rest of us B.Vs can do whatever we want! 

Amy: Who says?!

Venita: The Voranian Council. When we were 12 years old and we took the "Determination Test." and we were given the Title as Beautiful Viewers. So...


Beatriz: Being Unrealistic is totally in right now though.

Tony-Ray: Yeah. and being Realistic is out!

Beatriz: Nice T.R!
(they High Five) 
Tony-Ray: Thanks.

Azalea: So Amy. If I were you. I would go back to the L.V Table and Let us B.Vs enjoy life how we enjoy it and we'll let you in enjoy life, by being realistic and not having an imagination.

Amy: AWWWWW! (Walks back to the L.V Table) 

Azalea: Well we showed her. Didn't we guys?
(they all nod in agreement)

They con't to eat.

Azalea: Oh, Mercusio say another poem, please.

Mercusio: (smiling) sure Bella
(Mercusio stands up. clearing his throat)

Mercusio: So love has struck me down, like a lighting bolt strikes a tree, causing it to burn.
(Goes up to Azalea). and I have never saw true Beauty. Until I saw you.

Azalea: (Crying)... Ooh Mercusio. 

She gazes into his eyes, then they begin to kiss passionately. 

They sit down and continue to eat there lunch.
Hi, my name is Azalea Anrayes. I am 16 years old, I live in the society of Vorania, I attend Vorania High School, and I'm a Beautiful Viewer. I have my own group of BVs that enjoy hanging out with, these BVs include; Gianna Grazianna, Venita Vatrani, Aleyna Atroene, Beatriz Bernovia, Octavia Ordrania, Tony Ray Tereno, and Mercusio Montaguen. We all read poetry, Shakespeare, and we love to reenact plays or make up our own. When I was 12 I had to the "Determination" Test in order to see what "View" I was. I remember the large packet of questions that took like an eternity to answer, I tried to give my best opinion on every answer, i.e. question 7 said, How do you view Faith? I answered, Faith is what you believe i, and also is one of the major things that will keep your soul alive. And I answered the other thousand questions with real deep thought. This luckily helped me on the test, and I was happily determined as a Beautiful Viewer. I was so happy, because being a BV was the coolest thing a kid could be, with their poetry, knee-deep intelligence, and amazing sense of style. And also my mom was a Beautiful Viewer, and so was my older sister 
Avvabella. I was excited for the upcoming years. During the time when I was a freshmen @ Vorania High, I wanted to find other BVs to hang out with. The first of my friends I met was Mercusio Montaguen, he was poetic, handsome, charming, sexy and witty. I love listening to him recite poems he has written, and for some reason I enjoy when it's just him and I, this might be because I am attracted to him. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same way, since every time he reads one of his Beauty poems he always comes up to me kisses me on the hand, cheek, or sometimes right smack on the lips, no I'm not kidding sometimes we would have a whole make out session. Some girls might be repulsed by this, but I think it's wonderful. At least I know he has a thing for me. The second person I met was Gianna Grazianna, she was a great artist, she loved to sew and design her own clothing. She always modeled for us her new designs, and I loved when she designed my clothes for me. the third person i met was Venita Vatrani, she was the coolest girl I ever met, she danced and spoke 7 languages, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Greek. She wrote poetry in every language that she knew, they were all beautiful and very moving. The 4th person I met was Aleyna Atroene, she was a writer and journalist, and probably the only blond in our group. She loved writing for the BVs Journal News Story at our school. The 5th person was Beatriz Bernovia, a smart, gorgeous born to be actress, any role you gave her she pulled it off with perfection, and she loved writing and reenacting plays with best friend now boyfriend, Tony Ray Tereno, who I met during the time I met Beatriz. Tony Ray, or T.R as he was called was a born to be actor, he wrote his own plays, and reenacted other pieces of work. The 6th and last person I met was Octavia Ordrania, she was a model, dancer, and an actress, better know as a "Triple Threat." She was beyond gorgeous. We all became friends right away. We all enjoy reading Shakespeare, writing poetry, singing, dancing, acting, and just living life in general. CARPE DIEM!!!!!!
Hey! Tis I! Mercusio Montaguen, I am 17 years old, I live in the society of Vorania , I attend Vorania High School, and I’m a Beautiful Viewer. I’m kind of a rare specimen, since I’m a male Beautiful Viewer, and a lot of the boys I used to play with became Logical Viewers after we took the Determination test. I do however know why I was determined a Beautiful Viewer, it’s because I’m extremely poetic, I love writing poetry, I worship Shakespeare and I enjoy just living life in general. Once I became a B.V. I began to drift away from my old pals, Tommy Andrew and Paul Simmons since they became Logical Viewers. I began searching for B.Vs, it took a while until I found one, and I also found the most beautiful girl in the world, her name was Azalea Anrayes. Along with Azalea I met Gianna Grazianna, Venita Vatrani, Aleyna Atroene, Beatriz Bernovia, and Octavia Ordrania. I felt kind of odd in a group of girls, until I met Tony Ray Tereno. We all became a group of Beautiful Viewers. Finally I had found people who thought the same way I did. I began writing poetry when I had turn 14 years old, I had given up all my sports, because I felt that sports was too logical, and I should do more beautiful things, such as writing poetry. The only physical activity I do is dancing. I like who I am now, I was destined to be a Beautiful Viewer.
“Find your destiny, you might be surprised of what you’re capable of.”
Mercusio and Azalea are alone sitting in the meadow deep in the Voranian Forest. Mercusio was reciting one of his Love poems to her.

Mercusio: Oh Azalea, how I love you. your beauty is so rare, and it poisons me to be around you... but I can't let that keep me from being totally in love with you. Thou lovest is the only thing that keeps my blood flowing. Thou hast made me feel more like an angel that loves to live life. Thou beest the only beauty and love I know.

Azalea: Oh Mercusio... you do know how to make a girl's heart melt.

She stands up, and he does the same.

Mercusio: (grabs her hand). I remember the first time I met you. You were the most beautiful girl I ever seen. (kisses her on the forehead)

Azalea: and when I met you, I thought you would be a regular guy... But no... your better than that... your Sexy. (She flips her hair, and kisses him on the lips).

Mercusio: (As he's kissing her) I love you... and I think you're sexy to. Thou beest the only woman I will love. 

Azalea: You are such a Romantic.

They continue kissing passionately.
Scene: Vorania High School Courtyard after school. Mercusio is sitting writing a poem. Two Logical Viewers walk up to him.

1st Logical Viewer: Hey Mercusio, wanna play some football? 

Mercusio: Hello Tommy, Hello Paul. Thank you for the offer, but no thank you, I have to finish this poem, and...

Paul: Let me see that! (grabbing Mercusio's notebook.) He begins reading: Oh Azalea thou beest the most beautiful, elegantly sexiest girl I know. (He stops)What the cr*p is this Mercusio?

Mercusio:(grabs the notebook)it's for Azalea Anrayes.

Tommy: You mean that Beautiful Viewer Chick. What's so great about her?

Mercusio:I think she's a very lovely young lady.

Paul: no dude. she's weird, and she's too romantic, and she's to pretty that she's ugly. (He laughs, and Tommy joins with him.)

Mercusio (now angry) SHUT UP PAUL! you don't even know what Azalea is like. She's Beautiful, Talented, and She's my lover.

Tommy: Lover? Mercusio, you're 17. I swear Mercusio, you are from a different era.

Mercusio: Well I rather be from a different era, and I can be a Lover if I want, because I'm Beautiful Viewer.

Paul: Well let's see if you can be a lover of this!
(He slaps Mercusio across the face)
The boys begin fighting.

Later on Mercusio who is full of scars gives his poem to Azalea.

My Songs



Verse 1: I walk into the room, and I see you crying. Your face inside your hands, dreaming about the chance... I sit next to you, and ask you what's wrong, you cry harder and harder. Oh...

Chorus: Bella, Bella it's gonna be alright, just take my hand and I will hold it until you smile... What would you do if I wasn't here... Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella... Oh, Bella don't you cry. Bella, don...'t you cry...

2nd Chorus: Bella, Bella just do what do you want, no one can control you, you can do that yourself. just please, please here me out... Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella... Oh, Bella don't you cry. Bella, don't you cry...

Verse 2: You tell me what is going on, he just dumped you for someone else, well Bella all I can say (chuckle) I didn't life him anyways. You're better than him, most certainly, and I could tell you that.

Verse 3. Why don't you just forget about him, he was never good to you, in anyway. I take you by the hand and we see all are friends. We laugh and have a wonderful time, and you forget about it.





Where would I be


verse 1: You always make me laugh when I'm sad. I can go to you when I feel hurt. You can tell me anything, I will do anything for you... will you do the same for me...

Chorus: You are the thunder to my lighting, you are the stars to my sky. What would I do if you weren't here... You are the wind to my wings, because of you I fly higher. Oh, and you are the fire that burns in my heart... Where would I be... without you.

Verse 2: When I check my phone I hope get a message from you. I wanna know what's going on, how are you feeling, and you ask me the same...

Verse 3: I'm the Lost you're the Found, I try to find someone like you. That empty hole can only be filled by you... ooh...

My Cinderella Moment


Verse 1: I'm just an ordinary, everyday girl. I wear a t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. I work hard, I go to school, and that's pretty much my life. But when a blue ball gown is left at my door, with a tiara, and the shoes... My life turns into a fairy tale...

Chorus: This is my Cinderella moment, my fairy tale fantasy... I don't need no prince charming, but if he's here that would be nice, but as of right now I'm gonna try to fulfill this enchantment. I'm so mystified as I dance around... My Cinderella Moment... has come true.

Verse 2: It's like a dream, I close my eyes, pinch myself, and open my eyes again... But this fantasy remains, and I'm pretty sure I don't have any Fairy Godmother... Not that I know of. But I'm glad it's not a dream, because I would never wanna wake up...

Verse 3: Please, Please tell this isn't gonna end at midnight... This is my moment, this is my story, and I'm gonna tell it...

The Music Saves Lives Program

The MSL Program is a Fine Arts Therapy program for kids from ages 13-19 who are bullied, stressed, or misunderstood. The program is for Singers, Dancers, Poets, Actors/Actresses,Lovers of Fashion and Writers. Not many teens have found that they might be capable of having a voice, have dancers feet, have a skill for writing, the mind of Shakespeare,or a passion for the Theater. So if you are a teen an feel like you really need to be free from all your worries and strife. Then join the MSL Program.
"You never know what your capable of."


Music Is Life

Dance is Life 

Poetry is Life

Writing is Life

Theater is Life 

My Polyvore Designs


Call This Whatever you like! I Can't think of a Creative name.




City Life <3




"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself."
















"I feel that Life is more fun when you do things that are against Society."


The Butterfly Dance


Free, free as can be
Dancing in the night sky 
Waiting for the Sun.
Butterfly, Butterfly, spread your wings and soar
Dance among the flowers, and among the stars.
Do not be sad little butterfly, please don’t shed a tear.
You will forever know that I am hear.
Your dreams are radiant, and your smile is too.
So just dance, dance little butterfly
And you will forever have joy.

Don't Judge Me


I'm not the kind of girl to be judged

You're laughing and giving you're friend a nudge

Yeah that's right I hear ya

No Duh

You tell me I'm not cool

well you're a fool

I'm more cooler than you think

cool enough to make you're reputation sink

You say I'm not pretty

well you aren't a looker either, so stop showing stupidity

You tell me to be like everybody else

but I'd rather be myself

I've never met you in my life

and I have to admit you ain't that nice

So stop pointing your finger

laughing at me and telling me I'm a terrible singer

I don't know what's your deal

so I'll give the spill


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