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Cariston High Act 5: Scene 2

*Fe looked everywhere for Ray. She dared not to think of the worst, that a car had accidently hit him.... luckily she found him in the back of his car, laying in the fetal position. His eyes were red from crying. tears running down his face. Fe opened the door, headed to the back, and took a seat.*

Fe: Ray... You ok?

Ray: Yeah.

Fe: You don't seem like it. Cmon babe you you can tell me

Ray: Well. I- I didn't like what Vic said...

Fe: What? The thing he said about your dad?

*Ray sighed*

Ray: Every time I tell people my dad was in a band and that he died with his band, they automatically think it was because he was drunk. But he wasn't!  My father never drank or smoke, and neither will I, because my dad had specifically told me, "Raymond! If I ever catch you drinking or smoking. You will be grounded until Judgement Day! So I've always kept my promise, and I also might add that my Nonna Said, "Raymond! The only time you may drink wine is when it's the Blood of Christ, and when you marry Felicitas at your wedding." and I will never let my father, or Nonna down, because Montages boys don't drink or smoke!

*He had said that with such enthusiasm*

*Fe had to try and stop blushing when she heard the words, "When you marry Felicitas at your wedding"*

Fe: (Hugging Ray around the waist) I love Ray and I'm happy you don't do none of that stuff.

Ray: Thanks Babe. I'm glad I don't either. Dad also said it was bad for the vocal chords.

Fe: I wish I could have met your dad, I bet he was awesome. 

Ray: Oh my gosh, my dad, he was my rock,  I remember I was only 7 years old when he taught me how to play guitar. It was all just learning the different strings, and when I was 9, I learned how to play "Dust in the Wind" and at 10 I learned how to play Carry on my Wayward Son" by Kansas. And then at age 11 he taught me all of The Suns songs in one week. Yeah, but I love my dad.... *He began to cry*

*Fe held him close, and began to lightly stroke his hair. She kissed the top of his head.*

Fe: Don't worry, I'm here. oh... and just so you know I slugged Victor Raven.

Ray: haha. You did?

*Fe smiled and nodded*

Ray: Omg! that is totally sexy!

Fe: Thanks sweetie! *she blushed*

*Ray then said he felt better, and said they should walk back, Fe agreed. They walked back to the mall and into the food court, and headed towards the table where the others were sitting. Stacy, Tiffany, Traci and Vic were gone. Which was a good thing.*

Vince: He LIVES! *jumping up from his seat when he saw that his best friend was not dead from his sorrows.*

Ray: *laughed* Vince why wouldn't I live?

Vince: Dude,  I thought you were dead! You had me worried sick!

*Ray smiled at his best friend, who was much more than his best friend, Vincent Dremari III was his brother in song, and in everything. Ray then pulled his brother for life into a joyous hug.*

*Later that day they all went to Ray's house, because the Suns had to practice for the concert.*

After having a dinner of delicious pasta made by Nonna Ada, they headed to the band room. Ray grabbed his laptop and went on the July Band Talent Show website, in order to see if they changed any one the rules.

Ray: Oh well this is interesting, it says here that if were a rock band we have to play at least one jazz song.

Vince: Great... We can't play Jazz.

*Ray got off the couch. He began rubbing the back of his neck.*

Ray: Well I guess I better tell you guys.

Fe: Tell us what sweetie?

Ray: Well... I play the saxophone.

Vince: What. No you don't!

Ray: Yes, I do

*He then took out a black case, and pulled out a golden saxophone.*

Vince: *arms crossed* Can you play it?

*Ray didn't say anything. He just put the mouth piece to his gorgeous lips, and began playing the sexiest, jazziest saxophone solo piece ever.*

Vince: *whispering* Ah shit... he does know how to play.

*Everyone nodded. Fe suddenly became entranced by the instruments sultry sound, and the way her boyfriend was absolute beauty.*

*When Ray finished. Everyone was so entranced that no one said anything.*

*Then Fe got up, took the saxophone out of Ray's hands and gently set it on the couch... Then she planted a passionate kiss on Ray's lips. The others left to give them some time alone.*


Cariston High Act 5: Scene 1

Fe, Anais, Parker, and Sutton headed over to Ray's house. They said hello to Reyna-Jean. Then went down to the "Band Room."

*When they walked in. Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston were sleeping on the two couches, and the floor.*

Fe: Aw! How precious! Our boyfriends had a sleepover just like us.

*Anais, Parker, and Sutton laughed.*

*Fe went over to Ray. She tapped him on the shoulder.*

Fe: Ray wake up. Ray, Ray!

*He shooed her hand off his shoulder.*

Fe: Oh dear lord... RAYMOND!!!!

*Ray woke up*

Ray: I'm up, I'm up!

*He looked up at Fe*

Ray: Hey Babe!

Fe: Hey yourself.

Ray: (He looked and saw that Anais, Parker, and Sutton were also there. They were each trying to wake up their boyfriends.) What are you guys doing here???

Fe: We wanted to see how you were doing!... and we see that you guys had your own little sleepover.

Ray: Oh yeah, we thought that was pretty funny. We had just finished rehearsing, and I guess we all got tired. So the guys called their moms, and they slept over.

Fe: Well that's nice!

Ray: Yeah. and my cousin is here.

Fe: (confused) Your cousin?

Ray: Yeah! My cousin from Capri, Italy. Solomon Babilani 

*Fe looked as Ray gestured to a dark hair boy lying on the pull out mattress on the floor.*

Fe: Oh.... holy crap! that's Solomon! 

Ray: Yes, I know he's gotten big hasn't he.

Fe: Man I haven't seen that kid for a while!

Ray: I can wake him up.

Fe: (shrugging her shoulders) Go ahead.

*Ray went over to Solomon.*

Ray: Solomon wake up!

*Solomon slowly got up.*

Ray: Sol, you remember my girlfriend, Fe

Solomon: Oh of course! Ciao!

Fe: Ciao! How have you been Sol?

Solomon: Good, Good. How bout you? 

Fe: I'm good! So did you come here by yourself?

Solomon: No, I came with my mom and Nonna Ada

Fe: Omg! Nonna Ada! I love that woman!

Solomon: Yeah. She and my mom should be getting back from the store.

*They heard the front door open.*

Solomon: That's them. 

*Fe, Ray, and Solomon ran upstairs.*

Solomon: Ciao Mamma! 

Ray:  Ciao zia Pietra!

*Fe's eyes got big. She couldn't believe her boyfriend was speaking Italian.*

Fe: Ciao signora Babilani!

Aunt Pietra: Ciao my lovelies! you guys are doing well on your Italian.

Pietra Babilani was the wife of Ray Montages II younger brother, Fabian Montages, who had moved to Capri Italy a month before his brother Ray died. He met Pietra while in Capri. He was on the beach when he met her. She was drop dead gorgeous. Dark coal black hair, dark olive skin, and hazel eyes.

*Nonna Ada was standing next to her holding to bags of groceries*

*Fe's face brighten up when she saw the adorable, elderly Italian woman.* 

Fe: Nonna Ada! Let me help you with that. 

*She grabbed the bags from Nonna Ada's arms.*

Nonna Ada: Oh.... Bella! 

*She cupped Fe's face in her hands*

*Ray stepped forward. He had his "Hi Nonna! It's your grandson!" face. Which looked a lot like the puppy dog face.*

Ray: Ciao Nonna. It's me, Ray, the grandson who loves you so much!

Nonna Ada: Oh. of course! how can i forget my Raymond!

*She began kissing Ray's cheeks.*

Ray: Nonna... not in front of my girlfriend!

*Fe giggled*

Nonna Ada: See.... Felicitas thinks its adorabile!

*She began pinching Ray's cheeks*

Ray: Nonna. (gently pulling her hands off his cheek) I'm not a little kid anymore.

*Nonna Ada sighed*

Nonna Ada: I know bello! you're becoming a handsome young man.

*Ray smiled and gave his Nonna a big hug*


Later that day Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, Preston, and Solomon were hanging out at the Cariston Mall, hanging in the food court. 

*Solomon was showing pictures of him, his mom, and Nonna Ada back in Capri, Italy*

Fe: Wow Sol! you're home is beautiful.

Solomon: Grazie 

*They continued looking through the photos when Ray saw something.*

Ray: Sol stop! 

*Sol stopped at a pic of him with him with an extremely gorgeous girl*

Ray: OK cos spill! whose the girl?

Solomon: OK. I'll tell you... she's my girlfriend.

Fe: Awww! She's Beautiful!

Ray: What's her name?

Solomon: Julietta Cappelletti

Fe: Pretty! 

*Anais, Parker, and Sutton looked over Fe's shoulders at the pic*

Anais: She's pretty

Parker: Agree

Sutton: She's very gorgeous!

*They continued looking at the pics*

*"Hey guys!"* a familiar voice said.

*Fe, Ray and the others looked up.*

It was Stacey Kristine. Only thing different was she had on a pink bow neck t-shirt, black floor length skirt, neon pink austique sandals, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in candy pink.

*Tiffany and Traci were standing by her.*

Tiffany had on a  Red Spring Silk shirt,  Black Mid-Rise skinny jeans, red patent-leather ballet flats, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in red with mini hearts on it.

Traci was wearing a purple top with open shoulder sleeve, royal blue flared bell bottom jeans, purple ballet flat, and a pin up Rockabilly wire headband in Navy blue with polka dots on it.

Fe: Um... Hi Stacey.... Tiffany, Traci

*"HI" They all said in unison*

Anais: Those are cute headbands you guys got on. (took a sip of her Coke)

Stacey: Thanks. We got them at Kohls

Parker: Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute... I thought you guys didn't like Kohls?

Stacey: Well ever since are moms band us from going to Victoria's Secret, We shop at Kohls and JcPenney's now.

Fe: That's cool!... You look really cute!

Stacey: Thanks!

Parker: So Stacey are you still... you know kissing Ben Travis?......

Stacey: Oh. No, he's with Sloane Farrow. Besides I have a new boyfriend.

Fe: Oh really? who you dating?

Stacey: Victor Raven.

Ray: Victor Raven? Does he go to Cariston?

Stacey: Yes. He's the captain of the lacrosse team.

Anais: Wait, is he that really good-looking guy with the really pretty blue eyes?

Stacey: Yep!

Vince: Hey Anais. What were you saying about his eyes?

Anais: They can't compare with yours Vince.

*Vince smiled*

"Hey Babe here's your salad." said Victor Raven coming up behind her."

Stacey: Thanks Vic. (she said flirtatiously) 

*He passionately kissed her on the cheek*

Stacey: (after Victor had taken his seat next to her) Victor you remember Raymond Montages III right?

Vic: Of course! dudes the most popular guy at Cariston High!... Being in that band and everything.

Ray: wow thanks... Vic. I think your pretty cool too (he said it half-heartily or he was lying, because truthfully Ray didn't know Victor Raven very well.

*Well Ray decided to just be honest.*

Ray: Um Victor, I'm sorry, but the truth is I don't know you that well, so I don't know how  "cool" you are.

*Victor smirked at Ray's response.*

Victor: Well of course you wouldn't... I'm only cool because I'm the captain of the lacrosse team. Your the most popular guy because you can play guitar, and have an amazing voice. 

*Ray shrugged*

Victor: And you have that stupid band. What is it called The Suns?

Ray: (getting angry) Yes. my band's called The Suns

Victor: Now wasn't it originally your dad's band?

Ray: Yes (he growled thru clenched teeth)

Victor: Yeah, didn't he die?

*Ray slowly nodded his head.*

Victor: Psh. and figures since he was like a rock star and was probably drunk all the time. (He began laughing) Poor guy died from an overdose probably!


*Ray said that so loud, that everyone in the mall heard, and all eyes were looking at Raymond.*

*Ray began bursting into tears. He ran out of the mall.*

*Everyone else went back to what they were doing.*

*Vic laughed*

Victor: I seriously can't understand how he's the most popular guy at Cariston. He's such a wimp... He...

*SMACK!!!!* Fe slapped Victor right across the face.*


Victor: *snickering* I don....

Fe: *slaps him again* Keep your damn comments to yourself!!!

*and with that Fe ran out of the mall to go find Ray.* 




Cariston High Act 4: Scene 3

Meanwhile, over at Ray's house, Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston were down in the Band Room, practicing "Sun Bandit" and "Sun's Rays".

*They just finished practicing "Sun Bandit."*

Ray: Alright guys! Now let's start on "Sun's Rays"

Vince: (groaning) Ray.... can we take a break, please!

*Ray rolled his eyes. He unplugged his guitar out of its amp.*

Ray: Sure...

*The guys flopped down on the couches.*

*It began to get hot, so they took off their shirts.*

Reyna-Jean: (from upstairs) Raymond! 

Ray: Yeah mom?

Reyna-Jean: Your cousin, Solomon is here!

Ray: Send him down.

*In just 3 seconds, Ray's cousin, Solomon Babilani was standing in the middle of the room*

Solomon: Ciao cos!

Ray: Hey Solomon

*Solomon was Ray's fourteen year old cousin from Capri, Italy. He lived with his mom, dad, and Nonna Ada in a beautiful mansion near the Capri beaches. He came every Summer with his mom and Nonna Ada. He had dark brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and leather jacket.*

Ray: Damn cos! you've grown!

Solomon: (slight smirk on his face) So that means I can take you down Montages?

*Ray smirked. Then he put his cousin in a head-lock*

Ray: So Babilani, what were you saying about taking me down?

Solomon: (pulling out of the head-lock) OK, OK. So I still can't take you down....

Ray: That's right!

*The room was silent for a moment.*

Ray: Solomon, you remember my friends, Vince, Heath and Preston

Solomon: Of course! Hey guys!

Vince: Hey Solomon

Heath: Sup

Preston: Hey

*Ray and Solomon sat next to Vince*

Solomon: (fanning himself) Damn its hot down here!

Ray: Then take off your jacket and shirt.

*Solomon smirked. He stood up and took off his leather jacket, and white shirt*

*He tossed them on the coffee table next to them. He sat back down again*

*He looked over at Ray. His attention came to the sparkly diamond ring.*

Solomon: Hey cos, what's with the ring? You get drunk and propose to a hot babe at a party?

Ray: NO! dumbass!.... (he took a deep breath regaining his cool. He did not want  to kill his cousin today) OK let me explain... This is a Promise Ring! My girlfriend Fe has one too. You do remember my girlfriend Fe right?

Solomon: Yeah! Wait your still dating her?

Ray: Yeah... what you got a problem with that?

Solomon: (smirking) No! why would I? Fe's hot!

*Ray's body shivered. He didn't like the idea of some other guy calling his girlfriend hot, even if the other guy was his own blood.*

*Ray took a deep breath*

Ray: Sol, can you please not call my girlfriend hot.

Solomon: OK... 

Ray: Besides, Fe's not hot.... She's Beautiful!

*Solomon smirked and shrugged*

Heath: Hey! I wonder how the girls are doing?

Ray: Probably having more fun then we are!

*The guys nodded*

Ray: OK! break over! guys we need to get back to practicing.

*Vince, Heath, and Preston groaned and stood up.*

*The guys began playing, and didn't even manage to put their shirts back on.*

*Solomon didn't ask why they were practicing. He just listened.*

*They finished "The Sun's Rays"*

Solomon: Damn cos! U sound killer!

Ray: Thanks Sol.

*Ray called it a day. Vince, Heath, and Preston decided to just stay over. They each called their moms.*

Ray: So you guys staying over?

*Vince, Heath and Preston nodded*

Ray: (laughed) Well then, I guess were gonna have are own sleepover....

*The guys burst out laughing.*

Ray: I can't wait to tell Fe about this!

*The guys continued laughing*

Cariston High Act 4: Scene 2

I was June 4th, and Fe, Ray, Anais,and Vince were having coffee at the Cariston Coffee Palace. Heath, Parker, Sutton and Preston couldn't make it for some reason. But the four were able to still have fun. And there was one thing Anais and Vince wanted to know about....

Anais: So how was your guys' anniversary??? (She had a cute smile on her face)

Fe: (Smiling and holding up her left hand showing off the promise ring) You tell me.

Anais:(gasping) Is that a...

Fe: Yep! Promise ring.

Vince: Ah Damn! and I was I gonna make a move (He looked at Ray)

*Ray had this awkward look on his face.*

*Anais and Fe rolled their eyes and giggled*

Vince: So a Promise Ring huh?

*Fe and Ray nodded.*

Vince: Well... That's great! Anais and I are so happy for you guys. 

*He had a slight smirk on his face.*

Ray: Something wrong Vincent?

Vince: (Wiping the smirk off his face) No. Nothing's  wrong.

*Vince decided to change the subject*

Vince: So Ray, are we gonna practice tonight?

*Ray nodded*

Ray: Yep. Come over to my house around 7!

Vince: OK. 

*They each looked at their girlfriends*

Ray: You guys can come too. 

Fe: It's alright. Anais, Parker, Sutton and I have plans tonight.

Ray: Oh... What are you girls up too?

Fe: Slumber Party.

*Ray and Vince turned to each other and smiled.*

Fe: * Totally  reading their expressions* I know what you guys are thinking... That's not what goes on.

Ray: I Know. Vince and I were just.... Thinking. Right Vince?

Vince: (Coming back to reality) What?... Oh yeah,  right!

*Fe and Anais rolled their eyes and giggled.* 

*They all continued talking and drinking their coffee.*


Later that day. Anais, Parker and Sutton were all over at Fe's house. They were in the living room watching another video clip of The Suns Concert. Mrs. Rose was in the kitchen making appetizers for them. 

Anais: Hey Fe, did you show Parker and Sutton the ring?

*Fe shook her head*

Parker: What ring?

Sutton: Let me see, let me see!

*Fe held out her left hand showing off her ring!

Sutton: OMYGAWD!!!! It's Gorgeous!!!

Parker: (glaring at the diamond heart on the ring) Wow, who gave it to you?

Fe: Raymond, who else?

*Parker smiled and rolled her eyes*

*Mrs. Rose came in with a plate full of spinach tapas, empanadas, and mini burritos.*

*She smiled when she took a glance at the ring.*

Felina: Ah. My beautiful daughter.... I'm so glad your dating Raymond. And that ring looks absolutely hermosa on you Felicitas!

Fe: Gracias mama!

*Mrs. Rose smiled her wide smile at Fe. Then she salsa back in the kitchen.*

Anais: (laughing) I love your mom!

Parker: Yeah Fe, your mom is the best!

Sutton: (Scarfing down one of the empanadas) and Fe!.... Your mom is an ah-mazing cook!

*She swallowed the empanada and picked up another one.*

Sutton: OK! these are the best empanadas EVER!!!! 

*The girls laughed as Sutton gobbled down 5 empanadas.*

Parker: Jeez Sutton! Save some for us! 

*She picked up an empanada, Fe and Anais did the same.*

*They agreed that the empanadas were delicious. And so were the spinach tapas, and mini burritos.*

* Fe glanced at the TV. Her eyes sparked up*

Fe: OOH! Anais! Ray and Vince are singing Baby Tell Me!

Anais: AWWWH! Turn it up!

*The two girls began going crazy.*

*They went even crazier when Ray and Vince unbuttoned their shirts*

Fe: (fanning herself) Ray is so Hawt!!!!

Anais: (also fanning herself) And Vince is looking sexy with that bass!

Fe: Speaking of which I wonder how they're doing with those songs?



Cariston High Act 4: Scene 1

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were all at Ray's house down in the Band Room practicing for 

"The Summer blast All Boy Concert Talent Show" They were practicing all their hit songs. They had to choose 2 to perform

Ray: So guys what 2 songs are we going to perform?

Vince: OK. what songs did we perform last year?

Ray: We performed "Perfect Life" and "Baby Tell Me." 

Vince: Ah. Yes "Baby Tell Me." Was our real key to success 

Ray: Haha, yes it was... But we have to do something different.

Heath: We can do "Sun Rays" and another song.

Ray: Yeah! We could do "Sun Rays" but what other song are we gonna do?

Vince: Well we can do a song that we haven't done. Oh. I don't think we ever done "Sun Bandit."

Ray: Yeah! So we'll do "Sun Rays" and "Sun Bandit." 

Vince; OK. well let's start practicing Suns!

*The boys began practicing. They practiced for an hour. Fe and the other girls had to leave.*

Fe: Ray I'm going to call you when I get home. Don't go to bed late. K babe.

Ray: K babe. (He set his guitar down.)

Ray: Fe wait! Let me drive ya home.

Fe: OK. But don't you want to practice.

Ray: Nah. The Talent Show isn't til July.... I wanna spend time with MY girl!

Fe: (eyes sparkling) OH Raymond.

*They got in Ray's car, and drove to Fe's house.*

*They said Hi to Fe's mom. Then they went down to the basement.*

Fe: So why'd you want to come over?

Ray: OK. So our anniversary is tomorrow. right?

Fe: Right! June 3. It was the first day we started dating.

Ray: and we've been dating for 3 years. right?

Fe: Yeah. You wanting to tell me something Raymond?

Ray: Well I love you so much, that... You'll have to wait til tomorrow.

Fe: OK. Now come over here.

*Ray moved over to the couch. He grabbed Fe and pulled her onto his lap. His lap was very happy to see her. It only take them 2 seconds to start making out. and it was a steamy one if you ask.*

*Ray left an hour later. Fe stayed in the basement until midnight, then she finally went to bed.*

*She dreamed what Ray was going to give her for her anniversary.* 


Fe got up that morning. It was just going to be just her and Ray. They were going on a walk in a the park. Then they were gonna go to their favorite fancy restaurant.

*They had just finished their dinner and were back in the park

Fe: This is so much fun Ray.

Ray: Thanks babe!.... I love you.

Fe: (blushing) I love you too!... So what did you want to give me?

*Ray with out hesitation took out a small black velvet box. He opened it before Fe could say anything.*

inside was a silver ring with a diamond shaped like a heart. Ray took it out of its case.

Fe: Raymond.... is that a...?

Ray: Yes. Babe. This is a promise ring.... I know this might be sudden, but someday I want to marry you.

*Fe looked at the ring as Ray put it on her left ring finger. She then looked over at Ray's hand, he had on a ring just as similar. And Fe had to say that Ray looked extra sexy with that ring on his left ring finger.*

*Fe looked at the ring and sighed*

Fe: Raymond.... It's beautiful!

*Ray smiled.*

Ray: So do you accept the offer. That one day will get married. And that we'll be together forever, because I love you Felicitas Selena Rose. I would never leave you. I know we our great together. And I'm really ready for this type of commitment, and I hope you are too.

*Fe said nothing for a while. And without warning him, she began kissing him passionately. He began kissing her back. Ray knew that this was a definite YES!*

*They continued kissing passionately. But some boys from Dayton Academy started whistling at them. Ray gave them a cold look. The boys stopped laughing and walked away.*

*Ray rolled his eyes and turned to Fe.*

Ray: Come on babe let's go to the meadow.

Fe: OK.

*Without hesitation Ray picked up Fe. holding her close in his arms. Fe wrapped her arms around Ray's neck.*


*Ray carried her to a nearby meadow. It was their secret place. The sun glowed bright on millions of gorgeous flowers.*

*Ray set her down gently among some lilacs. He sat down next to her watching her lie beautifully amongst the flowers. He grabbed some of the lilacs, and started twisting them forming a crown perfect for his girlfriend's head.*

*He showed her it as she sat up and smiled delightfully. He set the crown on her head.*

Ray: Amongst all these flowers... You're the most beautiful Rose ever.

*Fe giggled hearing him use her last name.*

*Fe looked down at her shoes. And without hesitation she took them off, bearing her beautiful feet.*

*She lie down again. Ray smiled at the sight. He didn't hesitate to lie down right next to her.

*Ray brushed his hand gently across her face. He kissed her gently then began singing their lullaby, "Angel of my Rays."

Ray: (Singing) Sun rays glow on her face, Oh so, beautifully... I feel like I might be on Cloud 9. Ooh, stay with me Angel, I'll kiss you hold you, Love you.... Stay with me Angel... of my Rays. I can stop looking at your face, your the most beautiful thing I see.... Every site I see is you. I swear I'm looking at an Angel that come from the sun...

*Fe joined in.*

Fe: (Singing) And I'll be Your Angel, forever... Hold me tight, kiss me well, I need you next to me... because this Angel of Roses, needs some Sun Rays....

Ray: (singing) oh baby....

Together singing: And We'll always be together, now and forever, love in perfect harmony. Singing sweet Melodies of the Angel and her Rays. And I could never imagine being with someone else, but you....

*Fe stopped singing. But Ray continued.*

Ray: (singing) Stay with me Angle, I'll kiss you, hold you, Love you... Stay with me Angel.... of my Rays...

*He finished. He immediately grabbed Fe's face and pulled her in for a kiss.*

*They kissed passionately for an hour. Then Ray began chasing Fe through the meadow.*

*He lifted her up and spun her around.*

*Fe felt like she was flying.*

*They kissed passionately. They stayed there to watch the stars. and dance a little (no music but Ray sang) and they kissed some more. It wasn't a make out session, no the meadow was Sacred Fe and Ray Romantic Love Ground. The kissing had to remain passionate and romantic.*

Ray: I...

Fe:  Love...

Together: You

Together:(singing) I Love You.

*They kissed again.*



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